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Address Guangzhou, Rm A-506, Vanke Cloud, 1933 Huaguan Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, 510660 China
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Guangzhou Micro-shot Technology Co., Ltd MSHOT is a leader Chinese brand of microscope and camera featured with practical, high quality and smart. Its company MICRO-SHOT has high competitive and integrating strong R&D, manufacture ability, mature supply chain and sales channel, providing optical microscopes and service worldwide. Since established from year 2003, MICRO-SHOT kept offering excellent solutions and products to microscopy applications with her brand MSHOT, the company right now focus on LED technology applying to fluorescence microscope and smart microscope imaging, expanding her factory at Guangzhou city to create more valuable laboratory microscopes and accessories. We are looking for optical microscope distributors worldwide.
Company Products
Inverted fluorescence microscope MF53-N
5 cube/6 cube fluorescence module Fluorescence illumination system Bright field Fluorescence Phase contrast Semi-apochromatic fluorescence objectives
Scientific grade stereo-fluorescence microscope MZX81
Compatible with main of world famous microscopes Galileo optical system and coaxial illumination Trinocular head Fluorescence illuminating of LED light High clarity objective
Professional polarizing microscope MP41
100% light pass for photography capable Graduated 0.10mm/Div eyepiece, field of view 22mm Strain-free plan achromatic objective Rotatable 360° polarizer and analyzer Both epi illumination and transmitted illumination with polarizer and analyzer
LED fluorescence illuminator for upright microscope MF-LED series
Upgrading fluorescence of upright microscope Modular design with BGU filters High efficiency LED lighting Support Olympus CX/BX Nikon Eclips/E100/E200/Ci-L Leica DM500/DM750/DM1000 Zeiss PrimoStar /A1 Sunny EX30 Motic BA310/Panthera C
LED fluorescence illuminator for inverted microscope MI-LED series
Upgrading fluorescence of inverted microscope Modular attachment with BGU filters High efficiency LED lighting Support Olympus CKX41,CX53,IX50/70,IX51/71,IX53/73 Main applications:Embryology/IVF/Genetics Andrology/Cell biology/ Neurosicence/Sperm analysis
LED fluorescence illuminator for stereo microscope MZX-LED series
Upgrading fluorescence of stereo microscope Modular attachment with BG filters High efficiency LED lighting Support Olympus SZX Nikon SMZ Leica M Zeiss V/Discovery/SV Sunny SZX12
Research-level upright fluorescence microscope MF43-N
MF43-N is a research-grade fluorescence microscope latest developed by Mshot with equivalent performance to Olympus BX43. The microscope adopts excellent quality infinity optical system and maximum fit to six fluorescence filter cubes.
Scientific grade metallurgical microscope MJ43
Universal Infinity-corrected optical system Semi-apochromatic metallurgical objective PlanFluor Sextuple turret attachment with polarizer and analyzer Broad-spectrum LED light source Flexible expand to epi-fluorescence, dark field and DIC.
21.0MP Microscope camera MSX11
• 4/3" sensor, resolution 21.0 megapixels (5280x3596), pixel size 3.3 um x 3.3 um • Frame rate 21fps at 21.0MP, maximum 95fps • Spectral reponse 380nm~650nm • USB3.0 data port
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