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MOND STAR INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO. ,LTD is one of the top Potassium Sorbate Manufacturer and Manufacturer in the world. They are currently manufacturing and exporting high-quality xanthan gum, citric acid, phospharic acid, dextrose, vc, maltodextrin, . In this competitive global industry, a company should have an adaptive nature to fulfill the ever-changing demands of potential customers. In addition to that, they must also be open to accepting the latest trends, new fashion, and the ability to acquire the latest technology. To achieve all our goals and stay on track, we have managed to set up a state of the art manufacturing plant which can generate an output of Large Kilogram. In addition, we have also hired a team of professional and experienced executives to handle the complexity and delicacy of producing the perfect within a price range of 2000 per Kilogram. We assure you that all orders are completed within 11-12 Business Days. We receive payments through T/T, Western Union and currencies like CNY,USD are all acceptable.
Company Products
Sodium Diacetate
450 USD
Sodium Diacetate E262,supplied by MOND STAR INTER Sodium Diacetate is an anti-mold and anti-fungal preservative for foods and materials stored in warehouses and Adjust taste, acidity and add to food for control or preservation.
Citric Acid Monohydrate
Acidity Regulators
700 USD
citric aid from MOND STAR INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO. ,LTD/a key food additives supplier and distrubutor in China | Price: $600 /MT |Order Quantity: 10000 MT | Delivery Date: 7-10 Business Day | Ship Port: Henan stella/AT/mondstar/.Co.M | Packaging: 25kg |
Ammonium Bicarbonate
Other Food Additives
00 USD
Ammonium Bicarbonate  ABC, Ammonium Salt of Carbonic Acid, Bicarbonate Salt of Ammonium, Origin: China Brand: MOND STAR INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO. ,LTD A powerful Ammonium bicarbonate manufacturer in China Taste and Aroma: Slightly acidic ammonia aroma wh
Xanthan Gum
2900 USD
xanthan gum from MOND STAR INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO. ,LTD A trust supplier and manufacturer from China High quality Price: $2500 Per MT Order Quantity: 1000 Kilogram Delivery Date: 3-4 Business Days Shipping Port: Henan stella/at/mondtsr.COA Packagi
Dextrose Anhydrous
200 USD
Dextrose Monohydrate Dextrose Sugar, Dextrose Glucose and Pure Dextrose Origin: China from MOND STAR INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO. ,LTD A trust supplier and manufacturer from China Taste and Aroma: Sweet, but not as sweet as sugar.
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