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Address Shenzhen, Room 412B, Shatoujiao Construction Building, No. 112, Shashen Road, Tianxin Community, Shatoujiao Street, Yantian District, Shenzhen
Phone/Fax +86-19806500696/+86-19806500696
Guangdong China Inspection and Testing Co., LTD (CIT) is a comprehensive third-party organization that can provide testing, design, inspection, certification and technical services. Committed to delivering trust among governments, enterprises and consumers, with the mission of "delivering trust and protecting quality", we comprehensively promote quality and safety, promote compliance and innovation, and achieve high-quality development that is healthier, safer and more environmentally friendly.The company's main business includes supplier qualification assessment (factory inspection), cargo acceptance (inspection service), container loading supervision, product testing, factory management consulting, etc. CIT focuses on providing customers with comprehensive quality control and supply chain sustainable development operations and development solutions. It has international authoritative certifications such as CNAS and CMA to meet your higher standards for quality, safety and social responsibility throughout the supply chain. High requirements, radiating new corporate value creativity, helping customers win market competitiveness. CIT's business covers a wide range of fields, focusing on textiles (such as clothing, footwear, clothing, underwear, bags, headwear, plush products, home textiles, leather products, etc.), furniture, household products, printing, packaging, entertainment toys, fashion  clothing, gifts, industrial buildings, sports equipment, etc. and technical components (such as: automotive parts, castings and forgings, hydraulic components, machinery, metal components and assemblies, molds and precision tools), electronic appliances, light  industry, food and agricultural products, energy and electricity, In industries such as industrial manufacturing, locomotives and rail transit, oil and gas, construction, and finance, CIT is committed to providing Shinhwa customers with warm and reputable supply chain quality management services. At present, CIT has dozens of experienced professionals, a first-class training system and strict professional ethics. The supplier evaluation, product testing and product inspection programs provided by CIT ensure that buyers can fully meet the agreed quality requirements and Meet your customers’ implicit expectations and protect you. What we do Within the consumer products, food and life sciences industries we offer a full suite of services: Testing: physical, chemical or cybersecurity performance testing. Assessing the characteristics and efficacy of products and materials, in our network of labs Inspection: assessing the quality and quantity of production lots Audit: visiting manufacturing, processing and food growing sites, to assess their conformity to quality or sustainability requirements Certification: issuing certificates against accreditation scopes to attest that products, sites or people conform to given standards Professional services: supporting our clients with technical advisory services, outsourced R&D, training or consulting Software solutions: building innovative platforms and tools to help our client digitize their quality, safety and compliance processes Innovation: providing state-of-the-art R&D to drive our clients’ business into the future Our solutions help our clients: Increase product quality and safety through their manufacturing cycle Substantiate their marketing or technical performance claims Reach their ESG and sustainability goals Conform to regulations
Company Products
First-Article Inspections
140 USD, 140 EUR, 1500 CNY
At the beginning of production, our inspectors will check on the quality of main components, material and accessories according to clients’ specifications and/or reference sample. The IPI thus permits timely corrections and improvements before the mass pro
China Inspection Service-Container Loading Supervision
Inspection & Quality Control Services
140 USD, 140 EUR, 1500 CNY
Container Loading Supervision Our inspectors will reach appointed factories, warehouses or loading place to check products’ basic information, quantity and package when loading; supervise the whole loading process and help manufacturer finish loading confo
China inspection company-Container Loading Supervision
Inspection & Quality Control Services
140 USD, 140 EUR, 1500 CNY
We provide inspection for Amazon's sellers in China. our inspectors have extremely experience in Amazon's product check. we make sure the goods are 100% ok for your customer.   Now,  we help more and more Amazon's sellers control quality in China. pre-ship
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