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We established in 1999 which is specialized in research and development, manufacture and sales of VOCATIONAL EDUCATION TRAINING EQUIPMENT. With professional technology research and development, production staff. As one of the company in China vocational education teaching equipment industry. And training products is in the world leading level. We research and develop series of vocational teaching equipment: electrotechnics, electrical automation, mechatronics, air conditioning, motor control, hydraulic and pneumatic, intelligent buildings, process control, automotive engineering, automotive electronics, etc. We started export business in the year of 2010 and exported to more than 50 countries.
Company Products
XK-ELC1006A digital logic circuit experimental case
Educational Equipment
480 USD
consists of normal logic gate circuit, trigger and signal generator, here adopts type of principle symbol and jack, it will be convenient for students learning the symbol of logic gate and trigger and using them,check with tvetlabsolution at aliyun com.
XK-ELC01X basic circuit experiment kit
Educational Equipment
180 USD
kit includes experiment power circuit, signal source circuit, input switch, output display circuit and bread board.It adopts jack type,easy for student to do the experiments of artificial circuit and digital circuit.check with tvetlabsolution at aliyun com
XK-AEB1 Modularization Analog Electronic Training Set
Educational Equipment
450 USD
The experimental circuit is designed in the way of unit circuit. The unit circuit is the basic experimental circuit, and then other components are added as the parameters of the circuit, or combined with other unit circuits to complete different experiment
XK-PAM1 SCM experiment box
Educational Equipment
415 USD
box mother board experiment:1.Running water experiment 2.Lattice screen display experiment 3.Trends nixie tube display experiment etc Experiment box open end experimental project 1.LCD 1602 LCD display experiment 2.LCD 12864 LC etc whatapp+8618615692889
Educational Equipment
1580 USD
Equipment focuses on introduce the structure and principle of each components that constitute the compression-type refrigerating system. Show the comparison of each kind of throttling mode etc.check tvetlabsolution at aliyun com.
XK-JD3A Mechanical and Electrical Integration Training Set
Educational Equipment
7350 USD
consists aluminium profile training bench,feeding unit,carrying manipulator unit,belt conveyor unit,detecting unit,sorting unit,active function alarming light,power supply module,PLC,frequency convertor,touching screen,check tvetlabsolution at aliyun com.
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