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Yuncheng Hongjian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of rotogravure cylinder making machines. Hongjian has a good reputation at home and abroad for the technical excellence and reliability of its products. These include automatic plating line (nickel/copper/chrome plating machine, washing machine, degreasing machine and dechrome machine), grinding machine, copper polishing machine, engraving machine, chrome polishing machine, etching machine, lathe machine, proofing machine, and related consumables such as grinding stone, diamond engraving stylus, cloth buffing wheel, sand belt, carbon brush, etc. All products can be customized as per customers' requirement. Hongjian products have been exported to South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, over 30 countries and regions. Equipped with the advanced technology, strict quality control and well-organized production facilities, Hongjian does its best to satisfy the international customers with its practical experience and know-how.
Company Products
Gravure Cylinder Plating Line Copper Plating Tank Chrome Plating Machine
Printing Machinery
Fully Automatic Plating Line / Semi-Auto Plating Line - Nickel plating tank - Alkaline copper plating tank - Copper plating tank - Chrome plating tank - Degreasing tank - Dechroming tank - Washing tank
Gravure Cylinder Grinding Machine Copper Grinding Polishing Machine Grinder
Printing Machinery
Copper grinding machine air pressure Adopt servo motor to keep the grinding accuracy Automatic measuring of cylinder diameter and face length Double drive motors for headstock and tailstock One button operation Automatic lubrication system
Gravure Cylinder Chrome Polishing Machine Chrome Finishing Machine Polisher
Printing Machinery
Fully automatic polishing of chrome-plated gravure cylinders Full servo drive, precise movement Pneumatically adjustable pressure Auto cylinder diameter and length detecting Good finishing surface, better printing quality Longer cylinder printing life
Gravure Cylinder Proofing Machine Rotogravure Proof Press Printing Machine
Printing Machinery
Gravure proofing machine Precise register control Programmable logic control (PLC) Pneumatic control for doctor blade in and out Hydraulic control with high pressure system Fully safety interlocking system to avoid accident High precise registration camera
Direct Laser Engraving Machine for Gravure Cylinder Embossing Roller
Printing Machinery
Laser engraving machine is used for printing cigarette packages, wall paper, labels, acrylic foam, food and non-food packages, paper, foil, decor and security printing. Special applications for UV and water based inks, as well as hot melt and lacquer.
Gravure Printing Cylinder Copper Plating Machine Copper Tank Galvanic Line
Printing Machinery
Gravure Cylinder Copper Plating Machine Polypropylene tanks with high storage capacity Titanium anode basket Heating and Cooling systems for temperature control PLC operated machine with fully automatic calculation and control of all parameters
Gravure Cylinder Hard Chrome Plating Machine Galvanic Chrome Tank Bath
Printing Machinery
Hard Chrome Plating Tank Titanium tank, more anti-corrosion and heat resistance Titanium anode with platinum coating Heating & Cooling circulation for solution temperature Scrubber & blower system for fume control
Gravure Cylinder Nickel Plating Machine Alkaline Copper Plating Machine
Printing Machinery
Nickel Plating Machine Alkaline Copper Plating Machine The plating equipment is designed with advanced technology. It is widely used in gravure cylinder making. The cylinder can be semi-immersion or full immersion during electroplating process.
Gravure Cylinder Electronic Engraving Machine Electromechanical Engraving
Printing Machinery
Gravure Cylinder Electronic Engraving Machine HJ Engraving Machine is an ideal and economical solution for electromechanical engraving of cylinders. It is fully equipped to handle all types of jobs, including gravure cylinders for pantone, vignette.
Gravure Cylinder Dechrome Machine Degreasing Machine Washing Machine
Printing Machinery
Dechroming Tank Degreasing Tank Washing Tank Simple, robust and less maintenance Program processing automated For hollow and shaft cylinders Single unit or to be integrated into automated lines
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