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Country China
Address Dongguan city, Hengti town,Yuning Industial Zone, Changyi Road
Phone/Fax +86 18128578159/0769-82181987
Company Products
Linear robotic arm injection molding machines robots Gantry robot
Other General Industrial Equipment
3500 USD, 24500 CNY
Applied to IMM:200-320T; Vertical stroke:900mm; Crosswise stroke: Main arm:480mm;Auxiliary arm:150mm; Traverse stroke:1520mm; Max payload:5KG; Take-out time:1.8s; Dry cycle time:7-10s; Drive mode:X、Y、Z-AC servo motor NW:240KG
Three axes Telescopic arm single arm traverse robot pick and place robot
Other Manufacturing & Processing Machinery
4500 USD, 31500 CNY
Model:RN1100WSS3 Applied to IMM:300-380T Vertical stroke:1100mm Crosswise stroke:200-700mm Traverse stroke:1550mm Max payload:7KG Take out time:0.9s Dry cycle time:4.2s Drive mode:X、Y、Z-AC servo motor NW:550KG
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