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BOST(SHENZHEN) NEW MATERIAL CO.,LTD is located in Shenzhen Nanshan Technology Park, which is the essence of pioneering and innovation, The glass anti-stain project was established in 2000. It is one of the earliest professional manufacturers of glass anti-stain interleaving materials in China. Our production base was relocated to the newly established Huizhou BOST industrial Co.,LTD in 2017 has two automated production lines and an annual production capacity of over 2,000 tons, with strong technical strength and many high professional technical personnel, we can provide special anti-stain interleaving programs for various climatic conditions at domestic or abroad original glass and deep-processed glass. ln addition, our company has many years of cooperative relations with Shenzhen University and South China University of Technology, with these platform, we can deal with different kinds of inconvenient diseases in glass. Also our company developed glass automatic powders and coating spray duster as ancillary equipment to solve many anti-stain process problems for customers. Our main raw materials are imported from abroad, which effectively guarantees the product's quality and stability. In 2006, as an manufacturer of glass anti-stain interleaving powders and we took part in the drafting of “Anti-stain Materials for Glass”, which was later recognized by the National Development and Reform Commission and the China Building Materials industry Association as the "Building Materials industry Standard of the People's Republic of China' JC/T1008- 2006. Our long term cooperation partners include many big glass industries in China and also export, for we are mainly exported to Southeast Asian countries and The United States, our domestic market share has reached about 75%. Now we are expanding our overseas business in a comprehensive way. We look forward to the opportunity of cooperation.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Industries we serve: -Glass producing industry -Glass processing industry -Flat glass industry -Optical glass industry
Company Products
Glass anti-stain interleaving Lucor powder
Other Chemical Auxiliaries
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Interleaving Powder Lucite,Lucor Powder,Interleavant And Mildew Prevention,Glass Anti-Stain Interleaving Powders,Coated Glass Interleaving Powder
Coated glass interleaving powder Lucite
Other Chemical Auxiliaries
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BOST-MP01 is a tiny ball of insulating material with moderate hardness, which is sprayed on the surface of the coated glass to prevent scratches between the coated glass.
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