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Fangchen Auto Parts Group was established in 2013 and is located in Yangtze River Delta where there are 70% of China's well-known auto parts companies and factories. We are specializing on providing customers with shock absorber bumper stops and boots, strut mounts, engine motor mounts, transmission mounts, rubber bushings and other high-quality classic auto spare parts. Reliable Manufacturer in China We have established strategic business relationship with many chain stores  and famous brands of auto spare parts distributors worldwide including Daco Germany, JP Group, BILSTEIN, AKRON-MALO, FEBEST, GH-auto, Original Birth, KYB and more. Modern Fully Automatic Production Bases Our factories are equipped with a number of advanced Industry 3.0 automatic production lines to ensure large enough production capacity to meet customer needs. At the same time, our factory's systematic management of product quality ensures that our customers can receive cost-effective products. ODM&OEM are welcome! We could provide you more value-added services. In addition to the price, I also applied for free OEM customization services for you, including printing your brand text or logo on the product, and affixing your regular product labels on neutral packaging for free. Our factories have strong Research and Development team who help upgrade our products regularly to meet the market demands.
Company Products
Shock Absorber Repair Kit
Other Suspension Parts
02 USD
1) Reduce suspension, road noises and vibrations 2) Mount bearings provide smoother steering and help retain front end alignment
Strut mount
Other Suspension Parts
03 USD
Struts are simple parts that keep the suspension attached and in the right position. One end is bolted into the body of the car, and the other is attached to the strut assembly. The mount is an essential part of your suspension system. The strut mount, or
Engine Mount
Other Auto Engine Parts
20 USD
The primary function of these mounts is to support the motor and also absorb vibrations when the machinery is working. In doing so it prevents unnecessary damage to the engine due to these vibrations and also prevents noise and all in all, improves operato
Stabilizer bushing
Other Auto Parts
01 USD
Located on the undercarriage of your vehicle and engineered to reduce road noise, absorb bumps and cracks in roads and deliver a softer ride. The stabilizer bar is supported with rubber bushings that keep the vehicle's body from rolling as it navigates tur
Control arm bushing
Other Auto Parts
02 USD
Control arms are what hold the wheels of the car in place and help dictate the steering movement of the vehicle. The bushings are what connect the control arms to the frame of the vehicle and help the wheels stay on the road through rough terrain. A contr
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