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Company Products
TBK-905 UV Curing Box Mobile Phone LCD Screen OCA Curing Bonding Machine
Electronic Products
220 USD
TBK 905 New UV Curing Box Curved Surface Flexible Screen Wrinkle-free Optical Adhesive Shadowless LED UV curing box Features: 1. Support simultaneous use of multiple mobile phones 2.80 LEDs have strong light, 4 cooling ports 3. Timing function, large cap
TBK-705A Mobile Phone Dust Removal Workbench LED Scratch Crack Detection Cl
Electronic Products
96 USD
TBK-705A Dust Showcase Mobile Phone Dust Removal LED Scratch Crack Detection Cleaning Bench Main Features: * Green light is good for eyes-protection, makes dusts show; it can also make OCA filming dustless. * White light illuminates & Green light ma
TBK-705 Mini Desktop Mobile Phone Dust Removal Workbench Room Cleaner
Electronic Products
89 USD
TBK 705 Mobile Phone Dust Removal Workbench Dust Extraction Dedusting for Iphone Refurbish Function: 1. Remove dusts, 2. White light illuminates 3. Green light makes dusts show, 4. Wireless charging. Application Scope: Wireless charging, Lamination
TBK-007 OCA UV Glue Professional UV Glue Remove Clean Machine
Electronic Products
21 USD
100% Original TBK TBK-007 OCA Glue Clean Machine Professional UV Glue Adhesive Remove Clean Tool For iphone samsung LCD Screen
TBK-238 Automatic Back Cover Separator Machine for iPhone
Electronic Products
84 USD
TBK-238 Automatic Back Cover Separator Machine Cell Phone Real Cover Separator for iPhone 8/8 Plus/X/XS/XR/XS Max 220V EU 110V US Plug Rear Glass Removing Features: ●Compact yet practical. ●Used to separate the rear glass from screen bracket for iPhone
TBK-268 Automatic LCD Machine Frame Bezel Heating Separator
Electronic Products
152 USD
TBK 268 Separator Machine Automatic LCD Screen Frame Bezel Heating For Flat Curved Screen Glass Middle Frame Separate Function: It can remove the frame for Samsung and other brand mobile phone frame,(only double-sided adhesive nature) to separate the s
TBK-568R LCD Screen Separator for Phone Tablet Constant Temperature Heating
Electronic Products
35 USD
TBK 568R LCD screen preheating separating machine for mobile phone iPad tablet repair. TBK-568R LCD separator thermostatic temperature controller for screen opening replacing repair. TBK568R New LCD screen Dismantling Treasure Heating Silicone Pad Adjustab
TBK-568 11 Inch LCD Screen Separating Machine For Phone iPad Repair
Electronic Products
34 USD
TBK-568 LCD touch screen glass heating separating machine for Mobile Phone iPad Tablet. TBK 568 LCD screen separator temperature controller screen opening. Features: 1. LCD separating machine for mobile phone, iPad tablet screens. 2. Made from qualified m
TBK-968C Separator Autoclave Bubble Remove Machine Screen For Phone Repair
Electronic Products
182 USD
12 inch TBK968C 2 in 1 LCD Separator with Autoclave OCA Debubble Machine Built in Vacuum Pump for Mobile Tablets Repair. Details: 1. 12.9 inch vacuum pump built-in separator. 2. Built-in vacuum pump OCA autoclave debubble lcd separator machine. 3. If use
TBK 968D LCD Separator Heating Vacuum For Display Screen Repair Machine
Electronic Products
155 USD
TBK 968D 19Inch LCD Separator Heating Vacuum Mobile Phone Tablet Laptop OCA Display Screen Repair Machine Details: 1. 19 inch vacuum pump built-in separator 2. Built-in vacuum pump OCA lcd separator machine Parameter: The maximum temperature that can b
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