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Company Products
AIXUN T420D Dual Channel Soldering Station With T245 T210 T115 Handle
Electronic Products
249 USD
JC AIXUN T420D dual channel intelligent welding station with double soldering handle seat supports T245 T210 T115 soldering handle and iron tips. AIXUN T420D soldering station dual handles 2 channels can work simultaneously. Features: 1. Dual-channel inte
T26D SUGON T26 Precision Lead-free Electric Soldering Station
Electronic Products
126 USD
SUGON T26D soldering station intelligent Lead-free 120W welding tool with JBC C210 soldering iron tip for motherboard BGA SMD chip repair. Sugon T26D BGA rework station 2 seconds rapid heating and 3 channels adjustable precision lead-free soldering desolde
i2C PDK1200 Soldering Station With NT115 T210 T245 Handle
Electronic Products
138 USD
i2C PDK1200 300W precision soldering station supports T115 T210 T245 soldering handle and compatible with JBC C115 C210 C245 soldering iron tips. i2C PDK1200 high-power single/dual-channel soldering station for precision jobs in micro-soldering application
Quicko T12 Soldering Station OLED Electronic Digital Welding Iron
Electronic Products
35 USD
Quicko T12 soldering station. Brand new T12-952 electronic welding iron with OLED Display, 2021 New version T12 OLED Digital Soldering Iron T12-952 soldering station with 907 handle/M8 handle/P9 handle and soldering iron tips for phone repair. Option: 1.
LEISTO T12-11 Lead Free Soldering Station 75W Soldering Iron
Electronic Products
85 USD
LEISTO T12-11 soldering station for mobile phone welding repair. LEISTO T12-11 digital intelligent lead-free soldering station with 3pcs Soldering Iron Tip AC 220V 110V input, English language display, professional phone PCB soldering repair tool. Tempera
SUGON T1602 Lead Free Soldering Rework Station For BGA PCB IC Repair
Electronic Products
118 USD
SUGON T1602 Soldering Station T12 Double Welding Handles Phone Repair BGA SMD Solder Tool. Sugon T1602 2-in-1 lead-free T12 soldering iron BGA rework station station, dual channels can be worked at the same time, and it can be heated up in 1 second. Featu
UYUE305 T210 soldering iron station with JBC C210 Iron Tips
Electronic Products
39 USD
Portable UYUE-T210 soldering iron station with C210 soldering iron tip for mobile phone motherboard BGA CPU soldering repair. UYUE 305 handheld 70W soldering iron tool T210 welding station with T210 handle C210 soldering iron LCD display for PCB SMD BGA mo
MaAnt T12R Intelligent Soldering Station BGA PCB Repair Welding Tool
Electronic Products
29 USD
MaAnt T12R 75W Intelligent Soldering Station Professional Welding Tool. T12R Welding Station 75W Soldering Iron For SMD BGA PCB CPU IC Repair. Intelligent Sleep Mode Quick Heating for Electronics Repairing. Features: Rapid heating: 3-second heating, 5-se
i2C T-12 Plus Soldering Station With Double Handles Base And Iron Tips
Electronic Products
59 USD
i2C T-12 Plus 240W dual-handles soldering station for Mobile Phone welding repair. i2C T12-Plus Dual-Station precision soldering station for electronic applications with 2 handles. i2C T-12 Plus 240W portable adjustable temperature soldering station with d
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