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Country Lithuania
Address Kaunas, Vaidviles g. 6, Netoniai, Kauno r. LT54112
Phone/Fax +37063539997
UAB "Megapakas" produces a ban, boxes of various sockets and designs from 3-ball corrugated cardboard (B, C), from 5 balls (BC, BE), micro-sieve cardboard (E), prepares packaging grids, partitions, steles, inserts . Packaging is recognized for transportation, for storage of household, pharmaceutical, grub and other food items. UAB "Megapackas". Vaidviles st. 6, Netoniai, Kaunsky district, Lithuania LT54112 Tel. +37069995979 +37063539997 Skype: Megapackas Email address:
Company Products
Pizza boxes
Packaging Boxes
Pizza boxes are made of 3 layers of corrugated cardboard 1.5-1.8 mm thick, otherwise known as micrograph. Boxes can be produced in hexagonal or square shape, brown or white depending on the customer's request. The finished products are in tile form, so you
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