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Company Products
ND C68 Manure Spreader Gearbox for Wagons of About 8 T
880 USD, 6160 CNY
Warranty:2 years Weight (KG):197 KG Item No.:C68 Ratio:2.367:1, etc Power: 1000 rpm, 110 kw R&D, OEM Acceptable Use:Manure Spreader, Agricultural Machinery Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China Brand Name:ND
ND D293 Transmission Gearbox Speed Reducer for Manure Spreader
338 USD, 2366 CNY
Name:Manure Spreader Speed Gear Box of Hydraulic Model No.:D293 Housing:Cast Iron Ratio:43.6:1, etc MOQ:50pcs Use:Manure Spreader, Manure Spreader Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China Brand Name:ND
ND Agricultural Machinery Gear Box Right Angle Flail Lawn Mover Rotary Trac
98 USD, 685 CNY
Item No.B198 Dec.Cast Iron Gearbox with Free Wheel Shaft T/L Box, or Extension Shaft are all Available Weight (KG):21 Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China Brand Name:ND Ratio:1:1.6~1:3; 3:1~1.6:1 Input speed:540rpm, 1000rpm, etc Horse power:78hp
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