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Doomsday Approaching _ Stephen King _ txt Fiction Paradise

Those dreams scare me I never told anyone about these dreams and how scared I was I think I felt the same way Jonah felt when God spoke to him out of the whirlwind I even tried to convince myself that they were just dreams that my stupid old lady was trying to run away from God just like Jonah did But the big fish still devoured us you see! If God says to Abby you tell then I have to tell Steel investment casting I always feel that someone a special person will come and tell me and that will let me know that the time has come She looked at Nick who sat at the table and gazed at her solemnly through Ralph's smoke ring I knew it when I saw you "she said" It's you Nick God put his finger on your chest But he had more than one finger and there would be others and they were on their way here and thank God he had pointed a finger at them I dreamed of him and how he was looking for us even from now on God will forgive me for being in a bad mood and I curse him from my heart She began to sob and got up to take a sip of water and a small glass of soda Her tears showed her as a human being vulnerable and depressed As she turned Nick began to write something Finally he tore a piece of paper from his shorthand book and handed it to Ralph I don't know about God but I know something's going on here Everyone we met headed north as if you already knew the answer Have you ever dreamed of anyone else Dick or Joan or Olivia or the little girl

"Not all of it but there's a man who doesn't talk socket screw plug much a pregnant woman a man about your age who comes to me with his guitar and you Nick" "Do you think it's right to go to Boulder" Mother Abagail said "This is what we are appointed to do" Nick doodled aimlessly in his notebook for a moment and then wrote "What do you know about the man in black" Do you know him I know a little about him but I don't know who he is He is the last evil in this world The rest of the evil forces are just little devils including shoplifters sexual sadists and those who like to use force But he will summon them It's already on the move He gathered them together faster than we could Before he decides to act I think he'll have more men Not only those who are as evil as he is but also those who are vulnerable lonely and have no God in their hearts "Maybe he's not real" Nick wrote "Maybe he's just" He bit the end of his pen for a moment and then added "It's just the worried evil part of all of us"

The things we dream about may be the things we fear we will do Ralph frowned in puzzlement as he read this aloud but Abby immediately understood what Nick was trying to say It is no different from the proselytizing of the new priests who have come to the land over the past 30 years There is no real devil That's their creed There is evil in the world it may come from original sin non standard fasteners but it is in the inner world of each of us and it is as impossible to let it emanate as to take out an egg without breaking its shell According to these new pastors Satan is like a jigsaw puzzle — every man woman and child in the world adds a little bit of his own understanding to make a whole piece Indeed these explanations sound modern and beautiful but their only flaw is that they are not true If Nick continues to think like this he will become a delicacy on the table of the man in black She said "You dreamt of me Am I real" Nick nodded I dreamed of you too Are you real Thank God you're sitting here with a wad of paper on your lap Nick this other man is as real as you are Yes he is She thought of the weasels of the blood-red eyes staring wide in the darkness When she spoke again her voice was a little hoarse He is not Satan but he and Satan know each other and have been deliberating together for a long time The Bible says nothing about what happened to Noah and his family after the flood receded

But I wouldn't be surprised if something happened to the fate of these people including their minds their bodies and their way of thinking I wouldn't be surprised if the same thing happened to us "He's west of the Rockies right now" Stainless steel foundry Sooner or later he will come east Maybe not this year but he will come once he is ready We were destined to take him on Nick shook his head in disbelief "That's it" she said quietly "You'll see" There are more difficult days ahead Death terror betrayal tears Not all of us will live to see the harvest \ "I don't like this \" Ralph muttered \ "Isn't it hard enough without the person you and Nick are talking about Don't we have enough problems No doctors no electricity nothing Why do we have to cling to something that is not certain I don't know This is the way of God He didn't explain himself to people like Abbie Fremantle

"If that's the way he does it" said Ralph "then I think he should retire and let someone younger take his place" "If the Man in Black is in the west" Nick wrote "then we might be able to take the opportunity to go east" She shook her head patiently Nick everything serves God Don't you think the man in black serves God too He is also in the service of God however mysterious his purpose may be Wherever you run the man in black will follow because he does what God wants and God wants you to do to him You can't escape the will of God Anyone who tries will die in the jaws of the beast Nick wrote curtly Ralph looked at the note and scratched his nose with one hand hoping not to read it The old lady is not going to like what Nick just wrote She might have called it blasphemy and she might have shouted so loudly that she woke everyone here
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Doomsday Approaching _ Stephen King _ txt Fiction Paradise
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Doomsday Approaching _ Stephen King _ txt Fiction Paradise <br><br> Those dreams scare me I never told anyone about these dreams and how scared I was I think I felt the same way Jonah felt when God spoke to him out of the whirlwind I even tried to convince
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