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Address Baoji, Room 1502,Unit 1,No.A,Building 12,Chuangyi building,NO.195 High-tech Road,High-tech development zone,Baoji city.
Phone/Fax 8609173873009/8609173873009
Baoji Yinggao Metal Materials Co., one factory which has more than 11 years experiences on porous titanium materials,it has QC team,Sales team and Research and Development team,and our company has passed the ISO 9001-2015 certification.We are a typical China supplier.We are professionally exporting under the standards of ASTM, GB, AMS, as well as nonstandard porous titanium materials. Now we have gained close cooperation with clients from Korea, Iran, Europe, America,and won good comments and suggestion from our users. Our mainly products are:Sintering Titanium Powder Filter,Titanium Sintered Filter Sheet,Titanium Fiber Felt,Titanium Foil, Titanium Anode,Titanium Aeration Head,Porous Sintered Titanium Filter Tube,Stainless Steel Powder Sintered Filter Tube,Stainless Steel Sintered Wire Mesh and so on. Our production also has been widely used in the Petrochemical industry, Aviation and Aerospace industry,Medical industry,Food industry,etc. We appreciate your interest on our company very much and hope that our website will be helpful and informative to you. If you need more information, please contact our sales department Kindly you please contact with me, If you're interested in our can check it:
Company Products
Customized Hydrogen Production Electrolyzer PTL Porous Titanium Sintered Plate From TopTiTech
Other Metals & Metal Products
05 USD, 05 EUR, 35 CNY, 95 TRY, 09 AZN, 377 RUB, 185 UAH
The production of PTL (porous titanium sintered plate) is a key component in the manufacture of hydrogen production electrolyzers. PTL is a type of electrode material that is used to catalyze the reaction that produces hydrogen gas from water.
Porous Titanium Sheet
Other Metals & Metal Products
35 USD, 200 CNY
Porous Titanium Sheet Material: Commercial Pure Titanium Grade: GR1 Size: According to customer requirements Average Pore Size: 1µm / 5µ / 10µm Porosity: 30-40% Size: 1mm Thickness
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Sintered Filter Element With High Mechanical Stre
Other Manufacturing & Processing Machinery
50 USD, 35 EUR, 300 CNY
The stainless steel wire mesh sintered filter element is a derivative product of stainless steel sintered mesh. In this filter material, the wire woven mesh is laminated and vacuum sintering to create a multilayer wire mesh, which is strong mechanically.
Customized Titanium Powder Sintered Filter Disc For Beverage Filtration
05 USD, 03 EUR, 35 CNY
Product name: Customized porous titanium powder sintered filter disc for beverage filtration Brand: TopTiTech Origin: Baoji, China Filtration accuracy: 10 microns(Customized) Porosity: 35% Size: 40mm*40mm (customized) Applicable temperature: ≤300°
Titanium Sintered Fiber Felt For Petrochemical Waste Liquid Filtration
25 USD, 23 EUR, 150 CNY, 470 TRY, 42 AZN, 1800 RUB, 914 UAH
Product name: Titanium sintered fiber felt for petrochemical waste liquid filtration Raw material: GR1 titanium fiber Size: customized (0.2mm\0.4mm\0.6mm\0.8mm) Shape: custom (polygon, round, ring, disc, etc.) Porosity: 60%-80%
TopTiTech Sintered Porous Stainless Steel Filter Elements For Filtration
Water Treatment
05 USD, 05 EUR, 34 CNY, 94 TRY, 09 AZN, 364 RUB, 182 UAH
Product Introduction Name: Sintered porous stainless steel filter elements for pharmaceutical filtration Material: 304/316L Filtration accuracy: 0.22 micron-100 micron Porosity: 30%-40% Applicable temperature: ≤600°
TopTiTech Pure Titanium Aerator Head For Sewage Treatment
Water Treatment
25 USD, 23 EUR, 170 CNY, 470 TRY, 42 AZN, 1815 RUB, 923 UAH
Product name: pure titanium aerator head for sewage treatment Material: pure titanium Aeration accuracy: 0.22-100 microns Porosity: 30%-40% 1. spherical aerator head Bottom diameter: 150mm-200mm 2. Flat aerator head Diameter: 100mm-300mm
GR1 Titanium Mesh From TopTiTech
General Industrial Equipment Stock
25 USD, 23 EUR, 170 CNY, 470 TRY, 42 AZN, 1800 RUB, 920 UAH
Material: GR1, GR2 Production process: plain weave Filter hole type: square Filtration accuracy: 0.02mm-50mm Width: 5mm—3000mm Titanium mesh use: chemical filtration, fuel cell anode titanium current collector, electrolyzer anode mesh
Customized Three Classifications Of Metal-coated Titanium Electrodes
Water Treatment
25 USD, 23 EUR, 170 CNY, 470 TRY, 42 AZN, 1815 RUB, 923 UAH
Base material: GR1 Coating composition: metal ruthenium-iridium, iridium-tantalum, platinum Working current range: <7500A/㎡ Working temperature: <65°C Coating thickness: 0.2-10μm Use environment: PH value: 0-14
TopTiTech Porous Filter With Smooth Outer Wall customized
Water Treatment
20 USD, 19 EUR, 140 CNY, 380 TRY, 34 AZN, 1450 RUB, 730 UAH
Material: SS304 SS304L SS316 SS316L Filtration accuracy: 0.22-100 microns Porosity: 30%-50% Applicable temperature: ≤450° Shapes: Tubes, plates, sheets, discs, rings, rods, cones and sheets, strips are currently available
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