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Miniature pigs may be the biggest scam in pet history, and there are still people who fall for it.

Originally published as Miniature pigs may be the biggest scam in pet history and people still fall for it How many people have ever wondered or are still wondering if there is a miniature pig in the world and how big a miniature pig can grow Is the mini pig a lie Let Paw reveal the answer for you today The history of miniature pigs Speaking of miniature pigs we must mention a breed called Vietnamese keychain tape measure Pot-bellied which grows slowly weighs about 50 kilograms at the maximum and is 36 centimeters tall on average It is a miniature pig in the pig world Because the average pig usually grows to 140 to 230 kilograms Fifty kilograms is really a small weight for a pig but what about a cat or a dog The heaviest puppet cat in the cat 15 kilograms is already the weight of the sky An adult mini pig weighing 50 kilograms is equivalent to the weight of three puppet cats plus 5 kilograms A female star weighs more than 40 kilograms (Paw has no other meaning Ha ha ha) Expand the full text In the 1980s a private zoo in Canada introduced a pot-bellied pig At first they only sold it to the zoo Later they found that it was better to sell it as a pet Soon pot-bellied pigs appeared on the streets of the United States and became popular pets At that time a company called PPRSI was set up in the United States to help these pigs register and track their family trees but the registration system was quickly disbanded in the 1990s As a result the purebred pigs introduced at that time almost disappeared Later some scientific research institutions developed some so-called mini-pig breeds for academic research purposes because pigs are one of the most widely used non-rodent animals in biomedical research Most of these miniature pigs still weigh about 50 kilograms as adults How did the mini pig scam come into being As mentioned earlier the original mini pig is mainly from Vietnam's pot-bellied pig and its offspring crossed with other breeds of pigs This kind of pelvic pig grows very slowly It looks like a piglet until it is about 2 years old It begins to develop after 2 years old and stabilizes into an adult pig until it is about 5 years old Companies that promote miniature pigs will only print pictures of their piglets on their brochures but will not say anything about what they look like as adults If a person buys a piglet with a pot belly he may feel that he has really raised a pig that will not grow up within two years and when the pig suddenly begins to put on weight after two years it will be too late The company that sold the mini pig may have run away long ago mini tape measure and the owner has no place to return it To this day there are still some people in the United States who believe that there really are miniature pigs that can't grow up and then throw them away when they start to grow up rapidly Stray animal shelters in the United States also pick up abandoned pet pigs Not long ago there was a piece of news about abandoned pet pigs a shelter spent a lot of effort to give treatment and psychological rehabilitation to an abandoned pet pig and finally found an adoptive family for it As a result the person who led the pig directly ate the pig Are pigs really fit to be pets So far no country has officially classified pigs as a type of pet and they are mostly classified as meat livestock or farm animals Some cities have banned the raising of farm animals in cities so even in foreign countries pet pigs exist only in the hands of owners who have farms raise whatever they want and raise whatever they like But the pictures they take of their piglets will seriously mislead those city people who don't know about pigs and make them misunderstand that there are really pet pigs that can't grow up Even WSPO's website strongly discourages people from trying to keep pigs as pets They may be close but they have a lot of behaviors that are not very "pet" such personalized tape measure as they are difficult to control difficult to train they like to dig mud holes they like to chew up all kinds of things they find and they even bite people Even if you punish them there is no point The above behavior is their instinct not the deliberate behavior of mischief

Having said so much in fact it can be summed up as follows There is indeed a breed of mini pig but this mini is relative Adult mini-pigs usually weigh about 50 kilograms The miniature pig grows slowly It may look like a piglet for two years but it will grow up after a long time Pig can eat very much pig loves to eat very much this also is the reason that they can grow hundreds of jins at every turn No farm no pet pig really PS: Even in miniature pig breeds even breeders are not sure how big the pig will grow Generally it refers to the weight of its parents when they are adults It will not be much heavier than its parents but it will not be much lighter than them If you are really interested in the miniature pig you might as well meet its parents and you will soon understand how big the piglet will grow up Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor
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Miniature pigs may be the biggest scam in pet history, and there are still people who fall for it.<br><br> Originally published as Miniature pigs may be the biggest scam in pet history and people still fall for it How many people have ever wondered or are
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