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Qinhuangdao AiFu Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is located at the famous coastal city, Qinhuangdao, China. We are a trading company to buy and sell all kinds of industrial equipment, electric instrument, spare parts, industrial material etc.
Company Products
Stainless steel corrugated Hose
Stainless Steel Pipes
100 USD, 300 CNY
Stainless steel corrugated pipe is installed in the liquid conveying system as a kind of flexible pressure-resistant pipe to compensate for the mutual displacement of the pipes or the connecting ends of machines and equipment, absorb vibration energy
Fused silica
Other Quartz Products
7000 CNY
Fused Silica are used in ceramic,refractory,investment casting,EMC,solar crucible,etc.
Colloidal silica
4500 USD
This product is a new type of fast drying Colloidal silica. The product has stable performance and good quality stability of shell (shell mold). It is suitable for automatic shell production line to improve the efficiency of shell making.
Core Leaching Autoclave
The Core Leaching Autoclave is designed for removing the silica-based ceramic cores from the inside of complex investment castings to make cavities
Dewaxing Autoclave
The Dewaxing Autoclave is special designed to use the high temperature and high pressure steam to remove wax from ceramic shell mold.
Wax Injection Machine
Other Manufacturing & Processing Machinery
The Wax injection machine is specially designed for producing small size, high precision and complicated wax patterns in the investment casting process.
Vacuum Precision Casting Furnace 25-50KG
Vacuum Equipment
Vacuum precision casting furnace is designed for Melting heat-resistant high-temperature alloy material,and Casting of Equiaxed under vacuumed condition as well as for directionally solidified (DS) or single crystal (SC) structures
Ceramic Core Injector
Metal Casting Machinery
The Ceramic Core Injector is designed specifically for producing complex, high quality and high precision ceramic cores and other ceramic parts. It is developed successfully through introducing advanced technology at home and abroad.
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