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RenXin-Seiko Industry Co.,Ltd is a high-tech company, located in the city of "World's Factory" Dongguan, China, The company has been focusing on the research of the thermal solutions and heat dissipation in the electronic products, and has carried out scientific research and technical cooperation with the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, University of Science and Technology Beijing, and ANSYS Asia Pacific Technology Co.,Ltd. Renxin Seiko mainly uses CFD Computer based thermal simulation for optimal cooling concepts theory to develop and verify the design of electronic products from various directions, such as heat dissipation simulation, structural design, fluid and electromagnetic simulation, then make them come true. The company's products are widely used in aerospace, locomotive traction, power electronics, medical equipment, automotive electronics and various consumer electronics products. Products include: fluid cooling plate, phase change heat pipe, uniform temperature plate, extruded heatsink, cold forging heatsink, skived heatsink, stacked heatsink, bonded heatsink, board-level heatsink, standard air-cooled cabinet, heat dissipation module etc. The "Renxin Thermal Technology" brand has been deeply supported and trusted by customers. From advanced design to intelligent manufacturing, from laboratory to production workshop , from Europe and Asia to North America from new energy vehicle charging station to plant grow lighting from 5G station to Lot personal terminal from industrial control equipment of tractor locomotive to heat dissipation of motherboard chip Renxin. Thermal products are everywhere. Renxin.Thermal insists that all production operations, records ,procedures and releases are implemented in accordance with ISO standards. such as incoming inspection, manufacturing, product quality inspection, inventory management, packaging and shipping etc. Providing high quality products and service to our customers is the honor of our team. Providing high quality and competitive products to the customers around the world is the goal of Dongguan factory, Shenzhen branch and Hong Kong branch. All sales elites are engineers with many years of experience in the field of heat dissipation or product design. We always provide plan A and plan B to customers to guarantee quality and service Working together with customers and solving complaints from customers is the driving force for our development. Renxin Seiko aim to be the leader in the industry of heat dissipation advanced design and intelligent manufacturing are our two cores. In the future ,we will focus on intelligent manufacturing, to provide customized services to our customers as the commanding heights, and to provide products and technical services to customers all over the world is our responsibility.
Company Products
Extruded Profiles for Heatsink
Other Lighting Accessories
15 USD
1.High quality, high density fins design 2.Customized fin height and width supported 3.Treatment and designs according to your ideal and drawing 4. Larger surface, more efficient than extruded profiles 5. Material: Aluminum or Copper 6. Special de
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