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Company Products
ECO Concrete Rebound Hammer
Testing Equipment
80 USD
It applicable to detect strength of high-rise building components, Bridges and concrete member (plate, beam, column, bridge). Usually suit to concrete from C50 to C100. According to the standard acceptance evaluation of concrete strength.
Manual Cement Flow Table Apparatus
Testing Equipment
260 USD
It is use for cement mortar mixture fluid test. A specimen contained in a cone mould is placed on a metal surface which is then raised and dropped from a known height after releasing the specimen from the mould.
Manual Cement Vicat Apparatus
Testing Equipment
65 USD
The vicat frame consists essentially of a metal stand with a sliding rod. An adjustable indicator moves over a graduated scale. The needle or plunger is attached to the bottom end of the rod to make up the test weight of 300 g. The frame is supplied with b
High Frequency Electric Sieves Shakers
Testing Equipment
390 USD
Adjustable vibration intensity, reliable and long lasting, simple sturdy construction, can hold up to 9PCS diameter 300mm sieves. Sieves need extra order.
Stainless Steel Test Sieves
Testing Equipment
15 USD
Standard: BS 410 1. Material: stainless steel /brass 2. Sieves Diameter: 200mm/300mm/Customize 3. High: 50mm 4. Standard: ISO,EN ,BS,and ASTM sieves
Testing Equipment
1000 USD
STANDARD: EN 1097-2, ALSO CONFORMING TO NF P18-573, UNE 83 114, UNI 8520-19, CNR NO. 34, ASTM C131 Los angeles abration machine consists of a rolled steel drum that its wall thickness is 12mm having an inside diameter of 710 mm and internal length 510 m
Updated CBR Loading Testing Machine With Sensor 50KN
Testing Equipment
1400 USD
Bearing ratio (CBR) tester is used for carrying out bearing ratio tests on various soil and pavement base and underlying materials after making specimens in the specified test cylinder.The maximum particle size of the mixture should be controlled within 25
Automatic Proctor CBR Soil Compactor
Testing Equipment
1000 USD
Solid and compact design allow uniform and correct compaction of Proctor and CBR sample.
Manual Universal Extruder for Soil Testing Specimen Extruder
Testing Equipment
180 USD
This tools can remove marshall CBR and proctor sample 4", 6", 100 mm and 150 mm specimen.
Dynamic cone penetrometer DCP
Testing Equipment
350 USD
Standard: ASTM D 6951-03 This portable hand operated equipment is designed to obtain a direct and rapid in-situ evaluation of the structural strength of road pavement layers constructed with unbound materials. The test is performed with continuous penetr
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