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As a factory,since 1986,we are committed to the production and development of paper machine clothing for paper industry; filter belt for belt press,filter press and vaccum belt filter; forming belt for nonwoven industry; antistatic fabrics for MDF (Medium Dencity Fiberboard) industry; corrugator belt for corrugated board production line.With our innovative fabrics,the cusotmers improve their performance. We can provide the solution and custom-designed fabrics at any time.
Company Products
forming fabrics
Paper Product Making Machinery Parts
20 USD
Polyester Forming Fabrics is made of polyester monofilament. In order to meet the requirement of all kinds of paper industry,we design many kinds of Synthetic Forming Fabrics as below: Single layer forming fabrics; 1.5 layer forming fabrics; Double layer f
sludge dewatering belt
Water Treatment
26 USD
Sludge dewatering fabrics is widely used for waste water treatment industry. Polyester filter belt is also used in belt press for juice press,such as coconut milk press,pineapple press and so on.
Dryer Fabircs
Paper Product Making Machinery Parts
22 USD
The Dryer Screen is used in the drying part of paper machine. There is two kinds of Dryer Fabrics----Woven Dryer Fabrics and Spiral Dryer Fabrics. All these Dryer Screen is made of hydrolysis resistance material.
Press Felt
Paper Product Making Machinery Parts
20 USD
Single -layer BOM paper making felt; Doule -layer BOM paper making felt; Tri-layer BOM paper making felt; Mark- free paper making felt; Full chemical fibre needled Paper making felt; Pulp-making felt; Dryer felt.
Antistatic Fabrics for MDF
50 USD
Antistatic belt is used for MDF industry, High Density Fiberboard and so on.
Corrugator belt
Paper Product Making Machinery Parts
50 USD
Middle speed corrugator belt,high speed corrugator belt, corrugator belt with kevlar edges
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