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Company Products
Helmet testing machine
Other Manufacturing & Processing Machinery
<p>The helmet testing machine is suitable for the helmet to absorb the collision energy performance test, and is a test instrument for judging the impact resistance of the helmet and the penetration resistance of the helmet. The helmet testing machin
Helmet crash testing machine
Other Manufacturing & Processing Machinery
<p>This test machine adopts Panasonic servo system drive and new humanized software design, simple operation software and electronic stability program to complete automatic mechanization operation. The key part of the development is also to minimize
Hail impact tester
Other Manufacturing & Processing Machinery
<p>Functional Overview:<br /> The device is specially designed for performing a hockey impact test on a solar cell to verify the ability of the battery component to withstand the impact of the impact. The sample is placed horizontally on the test pl
Mechanical Load tester
Other Manufacturing & Processing Machinery
<p>Mechanical Load tester Taking the single chip as the core for sampling, processing and output, its main feature is to use Chinese characters to operate in human-machine dialogue mode. Chinese characters display results and print out. It has intell
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