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Our company is specialized in various water pumps such as centrifugal pump,chemical industry pump,self priming pump,submersible pump,sewage pump,magnetic pump,gear pump,oil pump,diaphragm pump,multistage pump,screw pump,transfer pump,pressure pump,booster pump,cooling pump,irrigation pump,circulation pump,dosing pump,feeding water pump,borehole pump,slurry pump,sludge pump,sand pump etc fluids pump.Our pumps are widely exported to Indonesia,Vietnam, Qatar,Egypt, Netherlands, Brazil etc for their reliable quality and good prices
Company Products
WQ Submersible sewage pump
500 USD, 450 EUR, 3700 CNY
QW/WQ Submersible sewage pump can be made of cast iron or stainless steel material. The pump is submersible in liquids and used to transfer the wastewater with solid grain or fiber etc impurity
centrifugal water pump
600 USD, 550 EUR, 3900 CNY
IS Series single stage single suction end suction horizontal centrifugal pump is the energy-saving pump to substitute BA series and B series single stage clear water centrifugal pump. Advantages: reasonable hydraulic structure and convenient maintenance an
FSB fluorine plastic chemical pump
1200 USD, 1100 EUR, 8500 CNY
FSB Series fluoroplastic alloy chemical centrifugal pump has two connections between the pump and motor(FSB-L and FSB-D). FSB-L is for shaft couple connection between the pump and motor and FSB-D is for closed couple between the pump and motor. Pump casi
SZ fiberglass plastic self priming pump
950 USD, 820 EUR, 6300 CNY
SZ type fiberglass reinforced plastics corrosion resistant self-priming pump. The flow components for SZ fiberglass self priming pump are made of the modified phenolic fiberglass reinforced plastic material by high temperature molding. The pump has the a
CQB-F fluorine plastic magnetic pump
1200 USD, 1100 EUR, 8300 CNY
CQB-F Series Fluoroplastic magnet pump adopts the permanent magnet into centrifugal pump. The pump has the advantages such as fully sealed and no leakage and anticorrosion etc. CQB-F Series Fluoroplastic magnet pump is made of PVF2. The material has the go
KCB gear oil transfer pump
500 USD, 460 EUR, 3500 CNY
KCB Series gear oil pump is suitable to transport various oil such as crude oil, diesel oil and lubricating oil. The KCB pump with bronze gears can be used to transpot liquids with low flash point such as gasolene and benzene etc. The medium temperature ca
QBK Air operated double diaphragm pump
500 USD, 450 EUR, 3500 CNY
QBK Series new pneumatic diaphragm pump is designed and manufactured for various corrosive liquids and liquids with solid grain and high viscosity and volatile and flammable and toxin liquids on the base of QBY series pneumatic diaphragm pump. QBK series p
QDLF Vertical multistage centrifugal pump
350 USD, 300 EUR, 2000 CNY
QDLF Series light vertical multistage stainless steel pump Working conditions: Cool and hot and clean liquids and non flammable and explosive liquids without solid or fiber Liquid temperature: -15℃ to +120℃ Environment: Maximum +40℃ Minimum suction pressu
G single screw pump
890 USD, 850 EUR, 5000 CNY
G Series eccentric helical single screw pump is for the displacement pump. The major working parts is from eccentric helical screw (rotor) and fixed bush (stator). The special shape of eccentric helical screw (rotor) and stator separately form the sealed
IH Stainless steel chemical pump
1200 USD, 1100 EUR, 8000 CNY
IH Series chemical industry pump is the single stage single suction overhung centrifugal pump. The rated performance and size etc are as the ISO2858-1975(E). The pump is the new energy-saving pump to substitute F series corrosion resistance pump in chemica
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