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Our mission : " Make Safer Imports ! " CLI Inspection is to protect our customers against poorly manufactured products by providing first-class quality inspection and factory audits services in mainland china. CLI Inspection has 100+ qualified inspectors and auditors spreading in nearly all the major coastal cities able to offer a cost effective and professional service to our customers through the world. Our Edge is to provide first-class quality control service at cost-effective price With the idea of rendering first-class but low-price inspection services in mainland china, CLI Inspection established in 2002 in Xiamen, China.We fully understand our customer needs in respect of accuracy and quality thanks to a sound knowledge of the global markets and Quality requirements, CLI Inspection has grown considerably in the last years. Today we feel that the new customer should expect Excellency in our work, thus our philosophy is "Compelled to Excellence". Speed of action and the quality of services remain our basic targets. (1) CLI Inspection is a 100% dedicated inspection company , has no "conflict-of-interest"​ business activities whatsoever. (2) Ultra-low price: 238USD (all inclusive)per Man-Day is highly affordable price for an inspection in china. (3) Simple on-line booking: To schedule your inspection, book or cancel your on-line booking has not extra fee. (4) Fast reaction: We perform inspection in china within 48 hours, and deliver your inspection report on the same day. 产品(服务)介绍: Pre Shipment Inspection:In international trade,pre shipment inspection is a very common method for buyers to avoid international trade risks.It is usually to entrust a third party pre shipment inspection agencies to do pre shipment inspection of products. Initial Production Inspection:The initial inspection of production refers to an all-round preliminary evaluation of raw materials,process of semi-finished products and the output of factories at the initial stage of mass production.It is usually through entrusting a third party inspection organization to carry out China quality control on the products at the early stage of production and before shipment. During Production Inspection:During production inspection refers to the quality inspection of products in the middle stage of production, usually when 30 % to 50 % of finished products are produced in factories. The purpose is to ensure that the product quality and delivery date can meet the customer's requirements when the pre shipment inspection is carried out.During production inspection and pre shipment inspection both use the international standard ISO2859 sampling inspection scheme. Container Loading Supervision:In international trade, the general terms signed by the buyer and the seller are L/C or T/T. Usually, when the goods have not arrived at the destination port, the customer needs to pay off most of the payment for goods to the supplier. In order to avoid quality risk and international trade risk, the buyer entrusts a third party inspection company to carry out loading inspection. The general operation is that the inspectors of the third party inspection company arrive at the loading site and monitor the whole process of the supplier to load the goods into the container.It is ensured that the items and quantity loaded into the container by the supplier are completely consistent with the order provided by the customer. Random Sample Picking:Sample picking is referred to as SP, generally, one or several samples that can reflect the overall quality of large goods,which are randomly selected from the finished goods in warehouse or production line according to the requirements. Common sample picking includes taking shipment samples or taking test samples. Factory audit:In international trade, besides routine inspection services, supplier quality audit is also an important part of supply chain management. Audit and inspection complement each other. The main purpose of the inspection service is to help customers reduce the import risk in the quality of goods as much as possible. Service types can be selected according to different requirements,Inspection has listed different inspection service types. And factory audits are usually arranged before placing orders. After confirming that the factory has no serious problems,it can be listed as a qualified supplier. Quick factory audit:In the process of developing and managing suppliers worldwide, small and medium-sized importers in various countries urgently need a vendor audit scheme that can meet their basic requirements. The relatively low cost is required to replace the tedious traditional vendor audit service, which CLI inspection company calls " Quick factory audit". This customized service is a simplified version. If it involves all aspects of the factory management system, please see the introduction of Factory Audit. It is mentioned that the majority of factory audits currently adopt ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 standards Social audit:Social compliance audit is a higher level of supply chain management service than traditional factory audits. With the globalization of manufacturing industry, the social compliance audit of customers to suppliers emerged in the 1990s. Lab test:CLI inspection provides professional lab testing services to importers and retailers around the world, which focus on selecting specific product testing items list and comparing the test item price for customers.
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