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Dezhou Qunfeng Machinery Manufacturing Group, located in the east of Ningjin economic development area of Dezhou Shandong, is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to manufacturing and operation of environmental sanitation equipment, weighing product, waste sorting equipment and steel structure. In the environment industry, we mainly engage in research, manufacturing and sales of hydraulic products such as waste transfer equipment and waste sorting equipment. The company is well placed for excellent environment and convenient traffic. It was first established in 1997 with 100 million yuan of registered capital. Currently it covers an area of 88,000 square kilometers with 500 million yuan of fixed assets and has more than 560 employees including 560 with senior title and 85 technical personnel. In the environmental industry, Qunfeng is a manufacturing company specialized in making waste hydraulic compress equipment. The main products are vertical waste compress equipment, mobile horizontal waste compress equipment, buried waste compress equipment, horizontal waste compress equipment and waste classification system. Thanks to its professional team in specialties such as machinery engineering, automatic control, hydraulic structure and manufacturing. The company has strong technical and production capacity. All of our environmental products have passed IS09001 certification in 2006, ISO14001-2004 certification and ISO18000 occupation health safety management system. Besides, we were graded 5 stars in Chinese post-sales service certification system.
Company Products
Balers For Paper & Cardboard
Waste Management
Balers For Paper & Cardboard Paper Baler Machine Plastic Baler Machine Baler is to reduce the volume of recyclable materials and produce compressed bales by using the powerful force of hydraulic cylinder. Baler is popularly used for continuous compression
Baler For Waste
Water Treatment
Baler For Waste Plastic Baler Machine Hydraulic Baler Machine Qunfeng plants and balers for waste treatment were designed to sort municipal solid waste (MSW), unsorted solid waste with organic material, industrial waste, refuse derived fuel. Qunfeng plants
Balers For Plastic
Waste Management
Balers For Plastic Hydraulic Baler Machine Plastic Baler Machine Factory Qunfeng balers for plastic recycling easily adapt all types of material to be baled: PET, HDPE, big bags, rigid plastic, plastic film and mixed plastics. Our plants for sorting and ba
Baler For Agricultural Products
Waste Management
Baler For Agricultural Products Plastic Baler Machine Factory Paper Baler Machine Qunfeng balers compact these materials as well, producing bales with a density 33 times higher compared to the incoming material. They are therefore particularly suitable for
Bag Breaker
Waste Management
Bag Breaker waste sorting system equipment bag breaker Equipment The Qunfeng Bag Breaker is a highly effective bag-opening technology that eliminates the need for manual bag openers´╝îit is to split open the bags of MSW(Municipal Solid Waste) and supply the
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