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Country China
Address Luoyang City, Youxi Village, Jianxi District
Phone/Fax +86 18336778759
Our factory mainly engaged in Intermediate frequency electric furnace(heating equipment and smelting equipment).Capacity ranges from 0.15 ton to 40 ton. The company established in 1992 year, as a manufacturer in Luoyang City Of China,has more than twenty-six years experience of producing electrical equipment. Luoyang Wanle keep up with latest electric induction furnace technologies all the time, 20 minutes once molten with our highest efficiency and have the patent of three rectifier stirring inverter furnace for alloy casting. Except that Chinese domestic market,smelting equipment also exported overseas. Our factory have steel bars,copper pipe,cast iron and steel mold turn-key project experience in Africa,Southeast Asia and Middle East Area.
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Medium Frequency Metal Melting Induction Furnace Factory Supply
Metallurgy Machinery
induction steel melting furnaces induction aluminium melting furnaces induction copper melting furnaces zinc/calcium/silicon melting IF induction power supply units IF induction holding furnaces MF Induction Heating Furnaces
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