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Founding in 2006, ACME (Advanced Corporation for Materials & Equipments) is located in Muyun Industrial Zone, with an area of 100,000 m2. ACME is a high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacture of industry heating equipment for new material and energy. Based on technology innovation and professional service, ACME provides high-end industrial heating equipment for customers in various fields, such as C&SiC composites industrial heating equipment, vacuum heat treatment equipment, powder metallurgy industrial heating equipment, cemented carbides equipment, Fe&Cu based PM equipment, 3D printing powders, with over 300 million CNY annual turnover.
Company Products
Vacuum Oil Quenching Gas Cooling Furnace
Metallurgy Machinery
100000 CNY
The vacuum oil quenching furnace is suitable for vacuum oil quenching of materials like alloy steel, bearing steel, spring steel, die steel, high-speed steel, etc. Horizontal twin chamber oil quenching furnace can also applied to aging and gas cooling proc
China Vacuum Gas Quenching Furnace Manufacture
Vacuum Equipment
Vertical bottom loading gas quenching furnace is used for vertical gas quenching of materials of tool steel, die steel, high speed steel, super high strength steel, etc. It is specially applied for vacuum gas quenching of large size easy deforming products
ACME HIP and Gas Quench Furnace OEM
Vacuum Equipment
It is used for HIP and rapid cooling gas quench treatment of various metal, copper base, iron base powder, friction resistant material ceramic material and etc.
ACME Vacuum Annealing Furnace China Supplier
Vacuum Equipment
Horizontal vacuum annealing furnace is applied for bright annealing of materials like tool steel, die steel, high speed steel, ultra-strength steel, magnetic material, stainless steel, non-ferrous, etc.
High Vacuum Tempering Furnace
Vacuum Equipment
High vacuum tempering furnace is mainly used for vacuum tempering of materials like tool steel, die steel, high-speed steel, ultra-strength steel, titanium alloy after vacuum quenching and solution treatment.
Vacuum Brazing Furnace
Vacuum Equipment
Vacuum bottom loading furnace is used for vacuum brazing of materials like non-ferrous metal, stainless steel, titanium alloy, high temperature alloy.
Vacuum Diffusion Welding Furnace
Vacuum Equipment
Diffusion welding is widely used for diffusion welding in different kinds of metal materials, also for different metal and ceramic materials and non-metal material diffusion welding.
Vacuum Debinding and Sinter Furnace
Metallurgy Machinery
Vacuum debinding and sinter furnace is mainly suitable for debinding and sinter process of tungsten alloy, heavy alloy, moly alloy, titanium alloy and cemented carbide materials.
China Vacuum Sintering Furnace
Metallurgy Machinery
Vacuum sinter furnace is mainly applied for sintering processes of tungsten alloy, magnetic, heavy alloy, moly alloy, cemented carbide, etc.
ACME Mesh Belt Sinter Furnace
Metallurgy Machinery
Mesh belt sinter furnace is mainly used for high temperature sinter of powder metallurgy ferrous and copper parts, such as oil bearing, gear, clutch plate, bushing, sleeve, etc.
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