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Providing the highest quality Glass-Finishing Machinery,Glass Tools Spare Parts,Window-Door Machinery,Laser Engraving Machinery,Stone Machiney,Consulting and Mechanical services since 2007. SINCERE NAXENS is a professional manufacturer and designer of glass processing machinery,window-door machinery,laser engraving machine and stone processing machinery. We are specialize in providing glass machinery,tempering furnaces, glass tools,window-door machine,laser engraving machine,stone processing machine and consulting services to the glass,window-door and stone industry world wide. We offer you high quality low cost solutions for glass insulating, cutting, washing, drilling, polishing, tempering, laminating, window-door machine,laser engraving machine,stone processing machine and much more. Importantly,the design solution of glass processing production line and window-door processing production line is offered with free of charges.The design drawing of layout and electrical circuit as the workshop will be freely offered to customers. As our professional export experience and our experts have the knowledges of other products from our cooperated factories,factories are very willing to work with us. Quality Control Systems Customers often complain about the machinery that have many problems but supplier can't solve in time.Our company adopts new business model to control system.In the systems, all roles is independent and mutual restraint but harmony.As our customers mainly from overseas,it will takes their much more energy and money to ask for factory to solve their problems or sending parts to them in time.However, factory have their disadvantages such as dealing with customers that is not professional, to cut down their produce cost to use bad quality materials that can't be checked or watch personally.As the customer's money will be in factory's account so the quality of goods can't be master as lack of supervise.In our business model, the supervise to factory 's manufacturer will be effective.Our company is responsible to communicate with customer's requirements and urge factory to improve the quality.When quality is good after inspection by us and feedback the matters to customers and finance company, then customer inform us if they are satisfied about the machine, the balance will be paid to factory.
Company Products
SN-PG Series Double Heating-chamber Tempering Furnace
Glass Processing Machinery
Feature Application :Float glass,pattern glass,coated glass,hard film Low-E glass and etc. Processing ability:Float glass,pattern glass,coated glass,hard film Low-E glass and etc. Technical standards:B9656,ECER-43,ANS197.1 Advantages:The production c
Laminated Glass Cutting Machine
Glass Processing Machinery
Technical Data a.Cutting accuracy≤±0.50mm b.The diagonal accuracy≤1mm/m c.Max cutting glass size:2440x3660mm d.Min cutting glass size:100mm e.Cutting glass thickness :3+0.38+3mm~10+3.04+10mm f.Cutting efficiency:1 big piece/3-4min g.Knife whe
SN500PC Glass Tube Cutting Machine
Glass Processing Machinery
glass tube cutting is suitable for cutting quartz tube, lime tube and borosilicate tube of various materials and specifications. Besides manual feeding and automatic operation, the cutting process does not need cutting fluid and high temperature heating.
Glass Laminating Machine
Glass Processing Machinery
​ This machine designed is suitable for glass deep processing enterprise, it may produce three kinds of safety laminating glass.
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