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LTECH is a Listed company(stock code:832110),which specialized in LED controller for 16 years.The most professional LED controller manufacturer in China. We are working on the Smart House project,including: 1.LED flicker free(0.1%-100%) dimming driver (DALI,0/1-10V,Triac,DMX) 2.Touch panel,Wifi,wireless controller 3.DMX,DALI,SPI controller/ Artnet serie 4.Dimming signal converter 5.LED Power Repeater
Company Products
Mini LED Controller
Other Lights & Lighting Products
One receiver can work with 8 types of remote controls. Dimming, CT, RGB, and RGBW compatible. Control through touch and buttons. With both selectivity and functionality. 433Hz signal has strong penetration and is stable. Remote control distance up to 30 me
Triac LED Driver
Professional Audio, Video & Lighting
PWM digital dimming, do not change the LED color rendering index. 60000:1 depth dimming ,0-100% full range of dimming, LED starts dimming from 0.1%. Wide voltage range +8 current choices, can match lamps at different power.
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