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Company Products
galvanized wire
Steel Wire
850 USD
GALVANIZED WIRE Galvanizd wire using high quality low carbon steel wire rod processing,is the use of high quality low carbon steel,after drawing molding,pickling rust,high temperature annealing,hot galvanizing,cooling and other processes from processing.
annealing wire
Steel Wire
800 USD
ANNEALING WIRE Annealing wire is a low-carbon steel cold drawn, heated, thermostat, insulation and other technology from a soft wire products. The use of wire in the process of containing different ingredients, the use of the product will be different.
straight cut wire
Steel Wire
800 USD
STRAIGHT CUT WIRE Cutting wire,also known as cut wire is the iron bright wire,fire wire,galvanized wire,coated wire,paint wire and other metal wire,in accordance with customer requirements to stranghten the cut after the cut.
steel nails
800 USD
Nails are hot-rolled low-carbon wire rods made of cold wire from the raw materials, processed by the nail making machine. The variety of nails, different shapes, according to the use of different purposes and requirements. The main varieties are round nail
package plastic wire
Steel Wire
800 USD
Package plastic wire is also called plastic wire, PVC coated wire, the product selection of high-quality galvanized wire to do the raw materials, after deep processing of plastic and galvanized iron wire firmly together, with anti-aging, anti-corrosion.
frame fence
Steel Wire Mesh
09 USD
The frame fence is made of high quality wire rod as raw material, through the galvanized, coated primer and high adhesion powder coating three layers of protective welding mesh, with a long time anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet characteristics.
bilateral wire fence
Steel Wire Mesh
09 USD
Double wire mesh fence with high-quality wire rod as a raw material, through the galvanized, coated primer and high adhesion powder coating three layers of protective welding mesh, it has a long time sunscreen, anti-ultraviolet features.
workshop fence
Steel Wire Mesh
09 USD
Workshop isolation fence is also known as the workshop barrier, warehouse isolation network, it is selected Q235 low-carbon cold drawn steel wire made of the surface after the dip to achieve the effect of anti-corrosion.
barbed wire
Barbed Wire
700 USD
Material:Galvanized steel wire,PVC coated iron wire in blue,green,yellow and other colors. Advantage:Barbed wire include galvanized barbed wire and pvc coated barbed wire,beautiful and durability. Weaving method:Twist plait.
foundation pit fence
Steel Wire Mesh
08 USD
Foundation pit fence is mainly made of welded steel wire connection, the surface after spray treatment, the color is generally yellow, red and so on. Product modeling nice, strong safety performance, can play a very good protective effect.
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