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Dandong Xunlei Technology Co., Ltd. is actively engaged in researching & developing, designing, manufacturing and selling various laser gun sight technologies of military and civilian grades, it has eight years of experience in OEM and ODM manufacturing, since 2008. Our main products include military grade and civilian grade laser modules, laser gun sights, beam divergence angle zoomable laser illuminator/aimer, gun flashlights, and related accessories. All of our laser products comply with US FDA performance standards. All of our products are designed and produced with performances of water resistant (water proofing), shock / impact resistant, gun recoil resistant, subzero temperature operating. As a manufacturer, most of our business comes from OEM/ODM manufacturing service. We would like start new developments with you together, if you are interested in developing new items.
Company Products
Pistol green laser sight
Hunting & Game Equipment
35 USD
It was designed and built in Class IIIa visible red laser, green laser, and infrared laser.Laser adjustable for windage and elevation. Constructed from Fiber Reinforced Nylon for lasting durability.Water-resistant, shockproof and weapons recoil-proof.
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