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Established in 2003, Contranspower Co., Ltd was an integrated trading, technology and service company engaged in retail and wholesale of international automotive products, imported hydraulic and pneumatic components, instruments, meters and various kinds of valves and valve accessories. With establishing partnerships with many international leading manufactures, we can provide customers with a comprehensive range of high quality services from process control valve accessories, petroleum and chemical instruments and meters to industrial automation.We possess extensive knowledge in technical requirements of related projects and capacity in equipment selection. We has leading expertise in petroleum and natural gas, petroleum-chemical, refining, pulp and paper manufacture, water treatment and various process industries. The company is the agent for following recognized international brands:Parker Automatic, USA (hydraulic, pneumatic, EMD, CIC, instruments and meters, flow connectors, etc.); explosion-proof solenoid valves from ASCO (USA), Kaneko, Konan SMC and CKD (Japan); electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic drives from TYCO BIFFI (USA); Cameron combined hydraulic-pneumatic mechanisms, limit switches from WESTLOCK, AVID, HONEWELL (UK) and AZBIL(Japan), valve position controllers from ABC, Siemens, SMC and AZBIL;Borsch Rexroth (Germany), FESTO hydraulic and pneumatic components and Nass coils (German) and so on. In industrial automation area, the company offers following leading products and services: Valves, actuators and accessories (mainly for project cooperation) The company is the selling agent for flow drives (with imported BIFFI) from Cameron and Tyco (USA); Ledeen pneumatic actuators and electrical actuators, and pneumatic-hydraulic interlocked actuating mechanism; TYCO AVID valve accessories: filter regulator, solenoid valve; Westlock and AVID value limit switch;and electrical/pneumatic and pneumatic/pneumatic localizers from ABB, Siemens, SMC, AZBIL (Japan) and YAMATAKE.We also can collaborate with customers in projects with selecting high quality and proven products and supplying complete equipments according to customer specific requirements. Automatic instruments (including project cooperation) To provide instruments, meters, automatic devices, filters, flow connectors, seals, etc. components and parts from the international industrial leader Parker (Parker Hannifin);ASCO explosion - proof solenoid valves; Honeywell limit switches (USA), Herion explosion – proof solenoid valve (Germany), and transformers, transducers, rasters, isolated gates, flow meters and controllers from TURCK, P+F, Burkert and other domestic and international recognized manufacturers. Parker, BEKO etc. imported complete filter series and flow detection products Only for filter, we can provide more than 5000 kinds of interchangeable components and parts of different brands and provide spare parts supporting services. Pneumatic components and generic flow controlling valves Products from Usa, German, Japan, UK and Korean leading manufactures such as PARKER, ASCO-JOUCOMAITC, BOSCH, AIRTEC, KANEKO, SMC, CKD, NORGREN, FESTO and YTC; and equivalent products of domestic leading manufacturers.These products includes various solenoid valves, pneumatic valves, proportioning valves (flow-pressure), cylinders, special cylinders, pressure switches, sensors and filter/pressure regulator assemblies. Hydraulic components and parts and medium-small sized system retrofitting Hydraulic components and parts and whole sets of Parker hydraulic (including engineering hydraulic), Bosch Rexroth, Atos, Rexroth China, Vickers, Moog and equivalents of domestic manufacturers.We also provide medium-small sized system retrofitting services for customers in Sichuan and adjacent provinces. We hope to have the opportunity to work with you and we will make every effort to satisfy your requirements!
Company Products
Kaneko solenoid valve MB15DG-8N-DE12PRS-M MOODU-8N-DE12PRS-01-M
Hydraulic Pressure Components
200 USD
Kaneko Air - operated valves BZ11 SERIES P15G SERIES Knack 4 way M15G SERIES M65G SERIES M80G SERIES MB15G SERIES MK15G SERIES MT16G SERIES Kaneko manual reset solenoid valves M31 SERIES M51 SERIES M55 SERIES M81 SERIES
Konan solenoid valve MVS2N-08-E3K-20A AF2-08-25A-5  AF21-04-15A-5
Energy Saving Equipment Parts
150 USD
MVS302K-02 MVS312K-02,MVS303K-02 MVS313K-02 MVD313K-02 MVW71-15A-WY-AC110-TB1-15A MVS803K-02-8A-DC24 MVW7R-20A AC240V   C-M01A-24 Konan 4-port Solenoid Valves for Heavy-Duty (Spool valve) MV series, MVP series, MVS series
Atos electrohydraulic solenoid valve
Energy Saving Equipment Parts
120 USD
Festo Solenoid valve
Energy Saving Equipment Parts
50 USD
Festo Solenoid valve JMFH-5-1/4 Festo Solenoid valve VUVG Directly actuated solenoid valve VZWD Festo Solenoid valve CPE10-M1BH-5L-M7 Festo Solenoid valve CPE14-M1BH-5J-1/8 Festo Solenoid valve CPE24-M1H-3OL-3/8 Festo Solenoid valve CPE24-M1H-5L-3/8
Norgren Proportional pressure control valve
Energy Saving Equipment Parts
20 USD
8240600.913602400, 8240400.9136 9713535.2050.000.00 TYPE S6DH0019G03900150V 1)    SXE9573-A75-00/*** 2)    V61B513A-A213J Norgren solenoid Flow control valves Block form flow regulators
Parker miniature pneumatic solenoid valves
Energy Saving Equipment
80 USD
ASCO RedHat Solenoid Valves Electronically Enhanced 2-way 8030 Series Direc
Energy Saving Equipment Parts
90 USD
ASCO RedHat Solenoid Valves Electronically Enhanced 2-way 8210 Series Pilot Operated Diaphragm - 3/8"-2" ASCO RedHat Solenoid Valves Electronically Enhanced 2-way 8210VH Series ASCO RedHat Solenoid Valves Electronically Enhanced 2-way 8223 Series Pilot Op
Yokogawa pressure transmitter
Energy Saving Equipment Parts
70 USD
The EJA-A range is Yokogawa’s most successful pressure transmitter. EJA110A EJA115 EJA118W EJA118N EJA118Y EJA120A EJA130A EJA210A EJA220A EJA310A EJA430A EJA438W EJA438N EJA440A EJA510A EJA530A EJA530A
Rosemount pressure transmitter Differential Pressure Level Measurement
Energy Saving Equipment Parts
The Rosemount 3051 Level transmitter delivers field-proven reliability and performance to improve your bottom line. Combined with the comprehensive Rosemount 1199 Seal Systems offering, the 3051L can meet all your application needs.
Keller Swiss-Built Series 22DT Dual fuel pressure-temperature transmitter
Energy Saving Equipment
45 USD
Series 22 offers a reliable cost effective solution for customers requiring medium to high  quantities, of mass produced transmitters. Utilising the KELLER automatic brazing lines, this new technology allows crevice-free construction of the pressure port w
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