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Hejian Ouman Mining Bits is a professional manufacturer of pdc bits, blade bits, and hole openers serving oil&natural gas, mineral exploration, coal mining, geothermal drilling and geological exploration industry. In 1990s, it started to repair various pdc bits and gradually developed in to design and produce pdc bits on its own. Besides, it is also engaged in distributing rock bit, pdc cutter and other drilling equipments. Using sophisticated machinery and cutting-edge ideas and techniques, we focus on supplying best solutions to specific customer needs. Our customers value Ouman Drilling innovative thinking, individualized approach and timely response.
Company Products
tci tricone rock bit
Mining Machinery Parts
500 USD
Size: 6 1/2 8 1/2 12 1/4 17 1/2 Bearing: sealed bearing or open bearing Type:tungsten carbide insert bit Application: medium to hard formation for oil gas drilling industry
steel tooth tricone bit
Mining Machinery Parts
500 USD
Rock bits are divided into steel tooth bit and TCI tricone bit. The size is 4 3/4��, 5 1/2��, 6��, 6 1/2��, 7 1/2��, 8 1/2��, 9 1/2��, 10 5/8��, 11 5/8��, 12 1/4��, 13 5/8��, 14 3/4��, 15 1/2��, 16 1/2��, 17 1/2�� etc.
pdc bit for oil well drilling
Mining Machinery Parts
600 USD
size: 6 1/2 8 1/2 9 1/2 12 1/4 17 1/2 type: matrix and steel body application: oil gas drilling industry Polycrystalline diamond compact bit is short for pdc bit. Polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutters enhance the performance of PDC drill bits, maki
pdc non-coring bit
Mining Machinery Parts
200 USD
It is for drilling coal, water or geological exploration application. The size has 55mm, 65mm, 75mm, 94mm, 113mm, 133mm, 153mm, 171mm, 190mm, 220mm, etc. The pdc body can be steel or matrix. It not only save a lot for your drilling budget, but also increas
step drag bit
Mining Machinery Parts
200 USD
We have both step drag bits and non-step drag bits (chevron drag bits): Step type drag bits are the most common type of drag bit used in the world today. They are primarily designed for soft to medium formations; Chevron drag bits are designed for medium t
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