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Country United Arab Emirates
Address Fujairah, PLOT No 37A block L Al Hayl Industrial Area
Phone/Fax 97192242524/97192242534
Our specialisation is for Marine Shipping Indiustries, Oilfield,Metal and Steel industries, Water Treatment, Power Stations, Sewage Treatment and Desalination, Plant besides Petrochemicals, Adhesive, Detergent, Paint, Fiber Glass, Galvanizing and Food Industries. We are also the largest supplier of these products, in the Middle East region. Raw Materials Paints Raw Materials Swimming Pool Chemicals Food Grade Chemicals Oil Field & Drilling Chemicals Oilfields * Paints * Laboratories * Laundries * Water Treatment General Cleaners and Detergents,Floor and Carpet Care Products,Kitchen Hygiene Products,Deodorizers and Disinfectants not only in the India but also exports to Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, India, Pakistan and Africa. Our products:- 1)Air cooler cleaner 2)waterless hand cleaner 3)Electrosol 4)metallic brightner 5)coolent 6)oil spill Dispersant 7)Degreaser Hd 8)Degreaser SB 9)Rust remover 10)Drain cleaner 11)Rustosol 12)Scale remover 13)Deck Cleaner 14)Aluminium cleaner 15)Heavy duty cleaner 16)Stainless steel clener 17)whitex bleach 18)Carbon remover 19)Boiler water treatment 20)Cooling water treatment. and many Contact Our
Company Products
Waterless Hand Cleaner
Other Daily Chemicals
Hand Clenaer
Stainless Steel Cleaner
Other Daily Chemicals
Item Code: RXSOL-16-1055-025 Cleans and polishes in just one opperation. Resists finger-printing and masks surface blemishes on stainless steel, chrome, architectural aluminiuum and laminated plastic. Contains harmless food grade oil petrolium Distillates.
Air Cooler Cleaner - Coil
Other Daily Chemicals
Item Code: RXSOL-16-0009-025 1) Air Cooler Cleaner Part No. RXSOL-16-0009-025 Very popular and Effective cleaner for air coolers, scavenging air systems and turbo chargers of diesel engines. During the operation, the fins & tubes of the main engine air coo
Metalic Brightner HD 25 Ltr
Other Daily Chemicals
Item Code: RXSOL-20-1011-025 It is a heavy duty and concentrated liquid blend of Acidic surfactants organic compounds containing rust penetrating agents , solubilizer and inhibitors. Acts as rust proofing agent before the application of paint or coatings.
Coolant 210 Ltrs
Other Daily Chemicals
Item Code: RXSOL-40-4004-210 It is a blend of organic compound along with 3 to 15% benzotriazole is especially useful in preventing cavitation corrosion in high speed coolant pumps having aluminum housing and impellers. This could aid service life.
Rust Remover
Other Daily Chemicals
Item Code: RXSOL-16-1088-25 Excellent pre treatment and binder for metal surfaces to be painted. concentrated blend of rxsol proprietory formulated various products, which is specifically designed for the rapid removal of rust, while providing phosphatized
Drinking Water Additive
Other Daily Chemicals
A powdered product specially blended as a food grade distilled water additive which when added to Di-water system will provide the necessary minerals which are essential for the human body. other valuable product 1) Safe Acid Descalex powder superior , he
Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals
Other Daily Chemicals
1)Autotreat RXSOL-50-5020-20 is a boiler water conditioner designed for optimum protection of ships boiler systems when used in conjunction with Oxygen Scavenger Plus. The product combines well known phosphate treatment with new polymer technology. This en
Citric Acid Liq
Other Daily Chemicals
Other Valueaded Products Vaportek Industrial Odor Neutralizer Membrane Original Neu RXSOL-41-8344-025 Vaportek Industrial Odor Neutralizer Membrane original neutral scent Sodium Bisulphite RXSOL-33-1524-025 Sodium Bisulfite solution for using as chlorin
Moya Oil Concentrate
Other Daily Chemicals
Item Code: RXSOL-10-2011-025 Effective and economical emulsifier. Safe to use on most metal surfaces, painted and coated surfaces and also used as a multipurpose degreaser in extremely hard cleaning conditions. Particles of soil and oil are rapidly reduce
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