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West Coast Tech Limited is a leading manufacturer and supplier in the field of optics. We are dedicated in the design, fabrication and distribution of high precision optical elements and sub-system. The company is founded in year 2008. We have facilities located in Taining, Fujian Province. The principal majored in applied optics at the university and has been engaged in optics from year 1998. Our business involves optical components and optical lenses. We supply a wide range of optical elements applied in UV, VIS and IR spectral range, including: Window Prism Spherical Lens Cylindrical Lens Aspherical Lens Dome Lens Mirror Beamsplitter Filter Waveplate Reticule … Also we provide custom-made lenses such as beam expander, IR lens, and medical lens. Meanwhile we are extending new business and provide our customers with more comprehensive product line. From the date of foundation, we serve our customers with professional knowledge, and provide good quality products by advanced equipment, skilled workers and rich experience. We look forward to an opportunity to serve you! Contact information: Tel: + 86 591 87303536 Fax: 400 8875666 ext. 456900 Skype: westcoasthk Wechat: 18059763656 Email: Http://
Company Products
Low power thermal imaging module
Electronic Products & Components Processing
The M100 is a high resolution, high sensitivity thermal imaging core. It integrates with NO shutting, low power consumption and instantaneous boot technology. The compact design of M100 makes it well suited for OEM and packaging and integration.
Viewer-sight Thermal Imager KA701
Electronic Products & Components Processing
KA701 observation-aiming thermal imaging camera is an Optoelectronics product with non-cooled ASi detector, special imaging circuit module, precision optical system and reliable structure design. It has the best IR imaging effect.
Front Surface Mirror
Electronic Products & Components Processing
Specifications: Material: glass Dimension tolerance: +/-0.2mm Surface quality: better than 80-50 scratch and dig Coating: Aluminum coating with protective layer on outer surface Key feature: 1. Full 360 deg horizontal field of view 2. ...
Right angle prism
The right-angle prisms are often preferable to an inclined mirror in applications involving severe acoustic or inertial loads. This is because a right-angle prism is easier to mount and deforms much less than a mirror in response to external mechanical str
Spherical lens
We manufacture a series of spherical lens, including plano convex lens, plano concave lens, bi-convex lens, bi-concave lens, meniscus lens and achromatic lens. Specifications Material: Optical glass, fused silica � Dimension: 1 - 500mm Dimension toler
Cylindrical lens
Cylindrical lenses are either Plano-convex or Plano-concave in form and rectangular in shape. These lenses are used in applications requiring magnification only, such as in transforming a point image into a line image or changing the height of an image ...
Sapphire window
Technical capability Material: Optical grade sapphire (Al2O3) Orientation: According to requirement Diameter: 2 - 300mm Diameter tolerance: +0/-0.1mm Thickness: 0.5 � 50mm Thickness Tolerance: � 0.05mm Clear aperture: 90% of the diameter
MgF2 window
Key features: � Excellent Transmission from 120nm to 7�m � Rugged and Durable � Resistant to Chemical Etching Specifications Material: MgF2 single crystal Optical Axis Orientation: A-cut ( <100>-cut ) +/- 0.5� Diameter tolerance: + 0 / -0.10 mm
Sapphire lens
Specifications Orientation: C, A, M optional Orientation deviation: < 2� Diameter: Dia5 - Dia 250mm Diameter tolerance: +0 /- 0.02mm Radius of curvature: R10 - 8 mm Centration: <= 2� Surface Quality: 40 � 20 Surface accuracy N: <= 2 Irreg
Aspherical Lens
We provide aspherical lens for off-axis parabolic, ellipsoid and hyperboloid. Specifications Material: Optical glass, fused silica, Si, Ge � Design wavelength: Visible, IR Focal length Tolerance: +/- 1% Surface quality: 60/40 Surface Accuracy: Lam
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