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Shanghai Vigor Technology Development Co. Ltd is one of the top manufacturers in China that produces accurate, durable infrared sensors, infrared thermometer and inclinometer. Our infrared sensors are used in a variety of industrial applications and their perfection on desired parameters is extremely necessary. We fulfill your requirements and offer you high quality infrared sensors and thermometers to meet your specific application. Our company was founded on the principle that we would provide the best quality infrared sensors, infrared thermometer and inclinometer, satisfied customers throughout the world attest to the accomplishment of that goal. Shanghai Vigor Technology Development Co. Ltd looks to the future with a commitment to design innovation
Company Products
SST20 series inclinometer for solar tracking system
90 USD
Features - 50Hz refresh rate, 10Hz response frequency - �0.07�accuracy@-15~50? -�0.2% cross-axis error - IP67protection - 9~36VDC power supply - Sensing elements survive to 1500g shock while operating -Can provide OEM
SST300 series tilt sensors for cunstruction machinery
300 USD
Features - Highest combined absolute accuracy �0.01�@25? - Cross-axis sensitivity =�0.1%FS - Offset =�0.005� - Precise installation & higher actual accuracy - Temperature drift accuracy(optional)�0.05�@-40~+85? - EMC certificate
SST810 Dynamic Inclinometer for ship and vehicle
600 USD
- Built in mems tri-axis accelerometer and tri-axis gyroscope - Dynamic repeatability �0.5� - Highest refresh rate 1000Hz - X/Y/Z angular rate & acceleration data available - Autonomous working, do not need any external auxiliary
Inclinometer for Tower Crane
Electrical Plugs & Sockets
90 USD
Application Sensor applications for full safety monitoring of tower crane are embodied in the following areas 1)Tower crane installation. Crane foundation is the basic assembly unit, the practice has proved that major security incidents
SST54420 quasi-dynamic inclinometer for dreger
Electronic Products & Components Processing
800 USD
Specifications of SST54420 quasi-dynamic incomplete: Pitch & Roll Angle measurement range: pitch, ±30 °; roll, ±15 ° Dynamic accuracy: 0.1° (within 10 seconds. 0.02 °/s drift after 10 second) Bandwidth: 0~100Hz Static accuracy: ± 0.01 °
SST100 tilt sensor for pipe pusher
Electronic Data Systems
200 USD
The SST100/200 typical characteristic: 1)Low cost, fast delivery for batch supply. 2)Good durable, strong ability for Anti electromagnetic interference. 3)High measurement accuracy: ±0.05°. 4)Can be normal work in the mud environment for a long time.
SST400 Tilt Sensor Apply to Tunnel Engineering
Electrical Product Agents
600 USD
The typical characteristic of SST300/400 tilt sensor are: 1)High precision and high stability. 2)Accuracy: ±0.0028°, OR more high measurement accuracy ≤0.0005°. 3)Strong ability to resist vibration and electromagnetic interference. 4)A built-in type(SST400
SST810 Tilt sensors for tower monitoring application
Electrical Product Agents
800 USD
Transmission line galloping monitoring  Inertial navigation technology Inside 3-axis gyro & accelerometer 0.01°static tilt accuracy, 0.1°dynamic tilt accuracy Lowest cost, No drift, dynamic tilt measuring Dynamic repeatability ±0.5°  Highest refresh
SST2200 applicated to Civil Engineering Foundation Pit Monitoring S
Level Measuring Instruments
600 USD
Measurement Range: ±15°(maximum), Dual Axis. Resolution: 0.0008° (0.01mm/m) Measurement accuracy: ±9'' Temperature measuring accuracy:±0.5℃,resolution: 0.1℃  Standard RS485 industrial bus interface, internal electrical
SST2200 In place inclinometer applicated to Tunneling Monitoring System
Electrical Product Agents
600 USD
Measurement Range: ±15°(maximum),  Dual Axis. Resolution: 0.0008° (0.01mm/m) Measurement accuracy: ±9'' Temperature measuring accuracy:±0.5℃,resolution: 0.1℃ Standard RS485 industrial bus interface, internal electrical isolation.
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