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"HCM MEDICA has focused on endoscope and microscope optical products for more than 13 years, a leading manufacturer for endoscope camera image system, especially focus on light and image. We are based in Jiangsu, China, sell to America, Europe, Asia, MID East, Southeast Asia, Oceania, Africa. Main products include: Endoscope LED light source, Microscope LED light source, Mini light source, Examination light, Fiber optic cable, Medical headlight, ENT headlight, Dental headlight, Plastic surgery headlight, Deep surgery headlight. We have passed ISO 9001, 13485 and CE inspection, our high quality products have brought us very good reputation. Always a pre-production sample before mass production; Always final Inspection before shipment. We use LUMINUS LED bulb imported from USA, assures you the best light for your camera from the original source. More than 95% of our accessories are imported, we never use low quality accessories. 2-year warranty for the entire light source. Actually our light source won't be out of service in more than 6 to 8 years with careful opreation. We always keep pace with the market development and user requirements, we are in regular touch with many dealers, doctors, factories worldwide. We collect their real needs, and make the exact product for them, customer satisfaction is always the aim of our daily work."
Company Products
HCM MEDICA 120W Medical Endoscope System LED Cold Laparoscope Light Source
Other Medical Equipment
600 USD
Orthopedics TIANSONG camera system New OEM ODM camera system Needle camera system OLYMPUS camera system Medical Illumination camera system Oem Factory Endoscope camera Light Source Rhinolaryngoscope Exporters Light Source Orthopedics Light Source
HCM MEDICA 100W Medical Endoscope Camera System LED Cold ENT Light Source
Other Medical Equipment
300 USD
Gastroscope Transurethral Resection Light Source Otolaryngology Examination Light Source Shoulder Medical Light Source Exporters Display Light Source Cystoscopy Light Source DELON Colonoscope camera system Mobile Endoscopy Bridge camera system
HCM MEDICA 10W Portable Medical Endoscope Camera System ENT Light Source
Other Medical Equipment
65 USD
HCM9703: it works with 18650 Li battery. HCM9704: it works with DC adapter, mobile power banker, camera usb and computer usb, input voltage should be no more than 5v.
HCM MEDICA 5w Surgery Headlamp Surgical Dental ENT Medical LED HeadLight
Operating Light
250 USD
Otoscopy Ophthalmology Headlight Ears Powerful Headlight Outpatient service Ophthalmic Headlamp Optical Examination Headlamp Low Price Head light Optical Neurosurgery Head light galilean loupes Crystal Bright Head lamp Ears Surgical Head lamp
HCM MEDICA 8W Surgical Headlamp Surgery Dental ENT Medical LED HeadLight
Other Surgical Equipment
450 USD
Doctor Use High Power Headlight with rechargeable lithium battery Surgery room Headlight Longer Service Life magnifier Headlamp Optical magnifying glasses Headlamp Oem Factory CE Certificate Head light with rechargeable lithium battery Wholesale Head light
HCM MEDICA Dental ENT Headlight 2.5x 3.5x Surgical Medical Loupes Magnifier
Other Surgical Equipment
80 USD
loupes surgical loupes magnifying glasses dental and surgical loupes surgical loupes zeiss surgical loupes 6x surgical loupe 3.5x dental surgical loupes surgical loupes prices surgical binocular loupes surgical loupes
HCM MEDICA Medical Surgical 4mm Endoscope Fiber Optic Cable Light Guide
Other Testing & Analyse Equipment
60 USD
endoscope Light Guide Cable endoscope Fiber Optic Cable endoscope Fiber Optic Light Guide Cable endoscope Fiber Optical Bundles Light Guide Fiber Optical Bundles Light Guide Cable Fiber Optic Cable Fiber Optic Light Guide Cable Fiber Optical Bundles
HCM MEDICA 120W Urology Medical Endoscope LED Cold Laparoscope Light Source
Other Medical Equipment
600 USD
Mini Ear Light Source Long Life All-in-one Light Source High Intensity Oem Factory Light Source Xenon Endoscopic Light Source Instrument SHENDA Light Source Hot Selling Veterinary camera system Karl Storz High Brightness camera system AOHUA Rectoscopy
HCM MEDICA 120W Spine Medical Endoscope LED Cold Laparoscope Light Source
Operating Light
600 USD
Hip TSCS Light Source SHREK OT light Light Source Veterinarian 2021 Light Source Effective Illumination BOLANG Light Source HAWK Halogen Light Source Xenon Arthroscopy camera system Thoracoscope High Quality camera system SonoScape Otolaryngology camera
HCM MEDICA 120W Otoscope Medical Endoscope LED Laparoscope Light Source
Other Surgical Equipment
600 USD
Operation Bronchoscopy Light Source Needle Nasofibroscope Light Source Rectoscope TSCS Light Source AKX Operating Forceps Light Source CME Diagnosis Light Source Laparoscopy Best Price camera system Veterinary Urology camera system Medical Full HD camera
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