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Founded in 1999, the Qinhuangdao Development Zone Prospect Photoelectric Tech Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which develops, manufactures and sells elevator products, such as the elevator load-weighing control device, energy saving device for elevators ,the IC card management system, the elevator earthquake detector, the remote supervisory management system, and other elevator parts etc. Company has independent intellectual property rights of 53 patents technology products, two national key new product plan, participate in the drafting of all three products are national standards, has achieved quality system, environmental protection, energy saving and many other products and enterprise certification. We supply spare parts for many large elevator factory, such as Mitsubishi, Otis and Schindler, etc. And supply Electrical system products for hundreds of large sales companies. Products service Zhangjiajie world first ladder, Shenzhou launch tower, Ministry of science and technology of China, the Chinese people's General Hospital of Chinese PLA and other key projects. Market covers the whole country except Tibet, and the products are exported to the United States, France, Lebanon, Portugal, Indonesia, Singapore, Canada, Jordan, Malaysia, UAE and Peru and so on.
Company Products
The Elevator Earthquake Detector
Elevator Parts
600 USD, 4000 CNY
Elevator Earthquake Detector
The Elevator Load Weighing Control System
Elevator Parts
200 USD
Prospect Elevator Load Weighing Control System is a essential system which is using in different kinds of elevator such as passenger elevator,cargo elevator,medical use elevator staircase so that the elevator could running safely and comfortably.
Elevator IC Intelligent Management System
Elevator Parts
100 USD
The elevator DTIC management system is composed of a hardware system and an IC card management system connected to the control panel in the elevator car or the elevator call box outside the elevator.
The Escalator Sterilizer
Elevator Parts
300 USD
The escalator sterilizer is a device used to sterilize escalators. The handrail is sterilized by C-wave ultraviolet irradiation, which has a significant disinfection effect on Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans.
The Optical Fiber Video Transmisson System
Elevator Parts
300 USD
It is used for high-speed Ethernet signal transmission, which can transmit network signals over a long distance through two-core cables, and is suitable for places where network cable transmission is inconvenient.
The Energy Saving Device for Elevators
Elevator Parts
800 USD
It inverts the electrical energy generated by the traction machine of the elevator under unbalanced load, and the inverter becomes the same frequency and the same phase AC power as the power grid and returns to the local power grid.
Elevator Braking Ability Detector
Elevator Parts
300 USD
BC100 elevator braking ability detector is a kind of equipment that can detect whether the elevator braking ability is qualified.
Elevator Forewarning Rescue Car
Elevator Parts
700000 USD
The elevator forewarning rescue car is used for rapid emergency response to elevator safety accidents. Equipped with responsive elevator hardware equipment and six types of software, it can realize emergency rescue of elevator accidents within the city.
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