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China Joy Machinery and Equipment Limited is China premier supplier of food processing machines. We specialize in the development and production of machines for the food processing industry, such as vegetable and fruit washing machine,peeling machine,drying machine,blanching machine,crate washing machine,and meat processing machine,etc. With skilled service engineers and field experience, we could supply you with full consultation, design and manufacturing of a complete processing lines with advanced technology, as well as worldwide reliable service. Our products had been exported to the whole worldwide and all the products had been gained very good reputation from the dealers and the users.
Company Products
Industrial Air Bubble Vegetable And Fruit Washing Machine
Food Processing Machinery
air bubble washing machine,vegetable washing machine,fruit washing machine,vegetable washer,fruit washer;
Industrial Automatic Vegetable And Fruit Air Blowing Drying Machine With CE
Food Processing Machinery
air blowing drying machine,air blower dryer,vegetable drying machine,fruit drying machine,food bag drying machine.;
Industrial Vegetable And Fruit Blanching Machine Blancher Machine
Food Processing Machinery
blanching machine,blancher machine,vegetable blanching machine,vegetable blancher machine,fruit blanching machine,fruit blancher machine.;
Brush Roller Potato Carrot Washing Machine Potato Peeling Machine
Food Processing Machinery
potato washing machine,potato cleaning machine,potato washer machine,potato washer,carrot washing machine,potato peeling machine,carrot cleaning machine,carrot washer,carrot washer machine,root vegetable washing machine,root vegetable cleaning machine,
Industrial Rotary Coconut Meat Washing Machine Cleaning Machine
Food Processing Machinery
rotary washing machine,rotary cleaning machine,coconut washing machine,coconut cleaning machine,mushroom washing machine,mushroom cleaning machine,food bag washing machine,worm washing machine,larvae washing machine
Automatic Apple Peeling Coring Cutting Machine Apple Peeling Machine
Food Processing Machinery
apple peeling machine,apple cutting machine,apple coring machine,apple peeler machine,fruit peeling machine,orange peeling machine
Automatic Crate Tray Pallet Basket Washing Machine Cleaning Machine
Food Processing Machinery
crate washing machine,crate cleaning machine,crate washer machine,crate washer,tray washing machine,tray cleaning machine,tray washer machine,tray washer,pallet washing machine,pallet cleaning machine,pallet washer,pallet washer machine
Automatic Turnover Basket Crate Chicken Coop Washing Cleaning Machine
Food Processing Machinery
basket washing machine,crate washing machine,poultry coop cleaning machine,chicken house cleaning machine;
Industrial Meat Bowl Cutting Machine Vegetable Bowl Cutting Machine Meat
Food Processing Machinery
meat bowl cutting machine,meat bowl cutter,meat bowl cutter machine,vegetable bowl cutting machine,vegetable bowl cutter machine,vegetable bowl cutter;
Industrial Fruit And Vegetable Cutting Machine Slicing Machine
Food Processing Machinery
fruit slicing machine,vegetable slicing machine,apple slicing machine,fruit slicer machine,vegetable slicer machine,apple slicer machine;
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