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Address Harbin, No.382 Xuefu Str,Nangang Dist,Harbin, China.
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Harbin Genuine Auto Parts Co.,Ltd. was established in 2009 year, here we have 60 workshop staff in factory, 20 office staff in charge of management and product research & design. Our main products are automobile ignition coil, oxygen sensor, cam/crank shaft position sensor, coolant temperature sensor, TMAP Sensor and carbon tank solenoid valve. we were focusing on domestic OEM market from beginning, and we have built good relationship with many automobile factories in China and overseas. we started to develop export market since 2014 year, now we have set factory in Harbin city, office in Guangzhou city China, and overseas branch in Queensland, Australia. we have many type of automobile ignition coil and oxygen sensor for export market now, we can develop new models quickly under our strong technology and rich experience, we have professional staff to work for you, welcome to contact with us if you have any requirement.
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Ignition coil 2112-3705010
Auto Ignition System
10 USD
2112-3705010-03, 21120-3705010, 2112-3705010, 21123705010, ВАЗ 2108-09 2110-15 (16 кл.)
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