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Manufacturer of Polyimide Film and Polyimide Tape in china. 1) H Polyimide Film 2) FPC Polyimide Film 3) FEP Polyimide Film (F46) 4) Black Polyimide Film 5) Polyimide Adhesive Tape 6) Polyimide Film Tape 7) Polyimide sheet,Polyimide Rod Yancheng Hengsheng Insulation Co.,Ltd Web: Email: Tel :+86-139-61986280 Fax : +86-515-69011600
Company Products
HN Polyimide Film
Insulation Materials & Elements
30 USD
Polyimide Film Tape,POLYIMIDE FILM - ADHESIVE TAPE,Polyimide Film Silicone Tape,Polyimide Film Tape,6051 Polyimide film,Insulating Polyimide Film Kapton,Polyimide Tape. Web: Email:
FEP Polyimide Film-F46 Polyimide Film
Insulation Materials & Elements
35 USD
FEP Polyimide Film (FH,FHF) The FEP Polyimide is a dry adhesive tape, which is made by a polyimide film coated with Teflon FEP fluoropolymer adhesive on one side(FH) or both sides (FHF) upon high_temperature baking. Web:
Black Polyimide Film
Insulation Materials & Elements
40 USD
Black Polyimide Film has the heating-resistant, radiation resistance, stable chemical react. Moreover, it also has the performance of excellent mechanical property,thermal conductive, electromagnetic wave shielding.
ESD Polyimide Film
Insulation Materials & Elements
40 USD
Antistatic Polyimide Tapes (ESD),Anti-Static ESD Kapton Polyimide Tape,ESD PI Release Film,ESD Polyimide Tape,Anti-Static Polyimide Film Tape.
polyimide film tape
Other Plastic Products
05 USD
Electrical Insulating Polyimide H-Class Pressure-Sensitive Tapes,Kapton film,Polyimide adhesive tape,Polyimide Silicone Adhesive Tape,Kapton Polyimide Tape,Polyimide Tape (Kapton Tape), Kapton Tape,POLYMIDE TAPE(similar to KAPTON TAPE)
esd kapton tape
Insulation Materials & Elements
08 USD
Polyimide Film Silicone Tape,Electrical Insulation Polyimide Fep Tape,FN Polyimide FEP Film (Kapton Fn),Kapton Polyimide Film, Kapton HN Polyimide Film,polyimide tape and film,ESD POLYIMIDE
polyimide sheet,polyimide plate,polyimide rod
Insulation Materials & Elements
30 USD
polyimide sheet,polyimide plate,polyimide rod. Polyimide Sheet own high temperature resist, corrosion resistance and excellent electrical
polyimide fiber,polyimide Fabric
Other Fiber
40 USD
polyimide fiber,polyimide Fabric polyimide fiber products have good mechanical properties and excellent properties of high temperature resistance, flame retardant resistance, radiation resistance and decay resistance.
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