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Orchid Energy is located in Beijing, capital of China. Since 2012, we have been committed to the supply of equipments, tools and solutions for the onshore & offshore energy industry. Up to now, we have reached cooperation with more than 100 customers in more than 30 countries around the world. In the future, Orchid Energy will continue to adhere to the customer-centric development strategy, contribute to the energy industry, and seek a better tomorrow with customers! Orchid Energy Co business scope-Onshore & Offshore Energy Industry Solution Supplier 1.Drilling tools: drilling stabilizer, drilling motor, slick drill collar, spiral drill collar, Non magnetic drill collar NMDC, drill pipe, heavy weight drill pipe, drill Kelly, sucker rod, UBHO, Crossover sub, lifting sub; PDC bits, Rock bits, tricone bits, core bits; casing, tubing, casing coupling, tubing pup joint. 2.Drilling equipment: Mud pump, mud pump spare parts, Break out machine 3.Marine oil hose: floating hoses and Submarine hoses.Marine Floating Mainline Rubber Oil Hose, Marine Floating Tanker Rail Rubber Oil Hose (Barbell Hose),Marine Half Floating One End Reinforced Rubber Oil Hose, Marine Floating Rubber Tail Oil Hose, Submarine Mainline Rubber Oil Hose, One End Reinforced Submarine Rubber Oil Hose 4.Bearing OEM services: ball bearing, roller bearing, radial bearing, thrust bearing stack etc.
Company Products
API Standard Non-Magnetic & Slick & Spiral Drill Collar
Other Manufacturing & Processing Machinery
800 USD
Orchid Energy Non Magnetic Drill Collar (NMDC) are made from low-carbon stainless steel as API specification and implementation of SY/T5144 standard, which can be cold thread rolling, machine special double shoulder thread and do as other specifications.
Stabilizer for Drill String Complied With API Standard
Other Manufacturing & Processing Machinery
800 USD
Stabilizers are fairly short subs which have blades attached to external surface. By providing support for the BHA (Bottom Hole Assembly) at certain points they can be used to control the trajectory of the well.
API Standard Drilling Motors for Oil Gas Industry
Other General Industrial Equipment
750 USD
Orchid Energy drilling motors have established a reputation for performance, reliability and excellent service. We provide a versatile range size and types of motors for directional, horizontal, straight drilling, performance drilling, coil tubing and HDD
Square Kelly and Hexagonal Kelly with API Standard
Other General Industrial Equipment
700 USD
Orchid Energy could provide square kelly and hexagonal kelly which manufactured strictly according to API Spec7-1 standard. Material from AISI 4145H modified, fully heat treated alloy steel with Brinell hardness range of 285-341.
Drill Pipe & Heavy Weight Drill Pipe & HDD Drill Pipe
Other Manufacturing & Processing Machinery
450 USD
Orchid Energy Co drill pipe are manufactured in according to the requirement of API 5D, API 7-1.
Full Size of Casing & Tubing OCTG with Low Price
Machine Tools
360 USD
Orchid Energy can provide various Seamless Casing from 4-1/2”-20” in grade H40, J55,K55,N80,L80,C95,P110 etc. The Casing length range is R1,R2,R3,with threads of BTC,LTC,STC.
Drilling Pump & Mud Pump for Onshore Drill
6500 USD
Drilling pump is also called mud pump which transport high pressure, high specific gravity, high sand concentration drilling fluid to bottom of hole. Drilling fluid is used to cool bit, wash out bottom of hole, break rock and bring out debris.
Deep Groove Ball Bearing
Deep Groove Ball Bearing
02 USD
Deep groove ball bearing is a kind of non separable bearing, which has simple structure and is widely used. In addition to the basic type, deep groove ball bearing also has various variant structures.
GMPHOM2009 Standard Marine Floating Mainline & Tail & Tanker Rail Rubber Hose
Rubber Hoses
1250 USD
Floating hoses are a significant piece of equipment for offshore crude oil transfer solutions, while marine floating mainline hoses are the most used of all floating hoses. Our hoses comply with the GMPHOM 2009 international standard.
GMPHOM2009 Standard Submarine Mainline & One End Reinforced Rubber Hose
Rubber Hoses
1200 USD
Submarine mainline oil hoses are normally used in CALM system, including lazy-s type and Chinese lantern type. When buoyancy support of submarine hose string is needed, submarine mainline hose with integral rubber collar can be fitted with matching floats.
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