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Company Products
Cinnamic acid
Other Organic Chemicals
06 USD
Usage : 1.Can be used as fragrance mixture in soap, shampoo, washing powder, daily cosmetics. 2.Cinnamic acid can be used to adjust apples and cherries. It can be used as apple flavor, cherry flavor, fruit flavor and flower flavor. 3.Anti-mildew, antiseps
Other Organic Chemicals
04 USD
Usage : One. Application of cinnamaldehyde in medicine 1. Sterilization, disinfection and antisepsis, especially for fungi. 2. Anti-ulcer, strengthen stomach and intestinal movement. 3. Lipolysis. 4. Antiviral effect. 5. Anti-cancer effect. . 6. Dilate blo
Cinnamic alcohol
Other Organic Chemicals
08 USD
Usage: Cinnamyl Alcohol is used as important components in fruit flavor, deodorizer, perfume fixative and organic synthesis, also can be used as a food spice. It's also an important API, mainly used as intermediates for cardiovascular medicine synthesis. F
Methyl cinnamate
Other Organic Chemicals
06 USD
Usage: In the international market, it is mainly used in essence, spices and sunscreen. China's GB-2760-2014 provides for the use of edible flavors. It is used in the fragrance industry as a deodorant. It is often used to blend oriental floral fragrances s
Ethyl cinnamate
Other Organic Chemicals
08 USD
Usage: 1. Gb 2760-96 provides it as food spices allowable for temporary use. It is mainly used for the preparation of strawberry, raspberry and plum, cherry and other type of flavor. Owing to the high boiling point and stability, it is appropriate to be us
hydrocinnamic acid
Other Organic Chemicals
10 USD
Usage: This product is a fragrance fixative. Used as a pharmaceutical intermediate and also used in organic synthesis. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, and it is gradually receiving attention as a pharmaceutical raw material and intermedi
Potassium cinnamate
Other Organic Chemicals
08 USD
Usage: In the international market, Potassium cinnamate is usually used as a raw material for essence and spices.New natural food preservatives, widely used in medicine, agriculture and food. Strong antibacterial ability, especially for mold, bacteria and
Cinnamoyl chloride
Other Organic Chemicals
20 USD
Usage: Used as an intermediate in organic synthesis for the determination of trace moisture. This product can be used as an intermediate in organic synthesis. Cinnamamide can be prepared by amidation, and n-cinnamyl -nphenylhydroxylamine can be prepared b
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