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Address Xi'an, No. 323, East Section of Erhuan South Road, Beilin District,
Phone/Fax +86-029-88810882/+86-029-86693861
Hello! We are a company that operates China's petroleum equipment and industrial equipment. We are not a manufacturer, but we work with many manufacturers. We can provide you with the oil field and industrial equipment you need. If you need that , you can send me an inquiry. I will give you a quote. Our company is very efficient, but we are very efficient, we have a good attitude towards our customers, we value our customers, we will be able to send you a quotation soon, maybe I can make your company better, we can improve together .
Company Products
Frame flat screen-Derrick NOV MI-SWACO
Energy Agents
35 USD
The frame flat screen is constructed by bonding 2 or 3 layers of stainless steel screen cloth to the frame of the opening. The frame is welded by square tube, and the surface of the frame is treated with special technology for anti-corrosion and anti-rust
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