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Established in 2005, Benemed Industry Co., Limited is a professional manufactuer and supplier in the In Vitro Diagnostic industry with its manufacturing base located in China. Main products including Hematology Analyzer, Urine Analyzer, Coagulation Analyzer and related Reagents. These products are widely used in hospital clinics, diseases control center, blood banks, veterinary clinics, scientific reasearch center and colleague laboratories, etc Over the years Benemed have expanded and have moved further and further into different medical field to cater the customers’ different needs, with high-quality team and R&D team, Benemed develop more medical equipments. Now Benemed have a complete products line ranging from IVD products and medical equipment including imaging, ICU, and operation room products with quality assured by CE and ISO certificate.
Company Products
Specific Protein Analyzer
Other Medical Equipment
500 USD
protein analyzer,specific protein analyzer,lab specific protein analyzer, Portable Specific Protein Analyzer HbA1c ,lab Specific Protein Analyzer
Fully Automatic Electrolyte Analyzer
Other Medical Equipment
800 USD
electrolyte analyzer, Clinical blood gas Electrolyte Analyzer,Medical hospital clinic blood gas Electrolyte Analyzer,,
Bestseller Semi-Auto Biochemistry Analyzer
Other Medical Equipment
500 USD
chemistry analyzer,hospital blood chemistry analyser ,Semi-Auto Chemistry Analyzer ,semi-auto Biochemistry clinical chemistry analyzer,semi automated clinical chemistry analyzer
Fully Automated Hematology Analyzer 5 Part
Other Medical Equipment
6000 USD
hematology analyzer, 5 part hematology analyzer,blood analyzer,blood hematology analyzer,hospital blood test analyzer
Fully Automated Hematology Analyzer 3 Part Double Channel BHA3601
Other Medical Equipment
1000 USD
Clinic-specific 3 differentiation hematology analy,Automatic Hematology Analyzer,hematology analyzer for human and vet,Clinical auto hematology analyzer,cheap hematology auto blood analyzer
Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor 15 Inch TFT LCD Screen BenePM-15 with Six P
Other Medical Equipment
patient monitor ,cardiac monitor,vital sign monitor ,ICU patient monitor ,multiparameter Patient monitor ,
Multiparameter Patient Monitor with 6 Parameters & 12 Inch TFT Color Screen
Other Medical Equipment
patient monitor ,cardiac monitor ,vital sign patient monitor,ICU patient monitor ,multi parameter patient monitor
Trolly Build-in Black & Whitel Ultrasound Scanner BW-5Plus with 15 Inch LED
Other Medical Equipment
Ultrasound,diagnostic scanner,Black and white ultrasound scanner,Scanner Ultrasound,low cost ultrasound
Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanner BENE-5 2D Echo Cardiac
Other Medical Equipment
Ultrasound,diagnostic scanner,echo ultrasound scanner,Cardiac scan ultrasound ,Color doppler Ultrasound scanner
Notebook Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanner BENE-3S with 15 Inch LCD Screen &
Other Medical Equipment
Ultrasound,diagnostic scanner,scan machine ultrasound ,Portable scanner Ultrasound ,Color doppler Ultrasound scanner
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