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Hebei Sendvell Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. located in Luquan Ludao Economic Development Zone, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, is a professional manufacturer of high-performance fluid transport equipment. It is the inventor and pioneer of yaw pump, which is created in China and made in China. The former mover. As a new technical route for pumping liquid, the yaw pump technology realizes the technological breakthrough of small volume, ultra-high lift and large flow, and is a creative invention in the field of high-performance liquid transportation. The company specializes in providing high-pressure pump sets, derivatives and solutions for a wide range of industries, serving a wide range of services in the fields of fire protection, petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy and agriculture. It is our business tenet to focus on technology development and innovation, to meet the needs of users, and to integrate quality resources. Users are the source of our innovation, dialogue with customers, we listen carefully, we work diligently, all our efforts are to make us convinced that we can walk side by side with them on the road to success. User success is the cornerstone of our technology and processes. It is our mission to provide users with more reliable quality, higher efficiency and more suitable cost. Therefore, we inject a lot of financial resources, enthusiasm and action, and constantly improve the technology related to product application technology and performance. And always regard it as one of the core competitiveness of the company. We are also focusing on the outstanding representatives of manufacturing, channels and services around the world with an open mind and platform. Actively establish in-depth cooperation with these representatives in technology, marketing and customer service to achieve steady and rapid growth.
Company Products
Portable Eccentric Pendulum Fire Pump
Firefighting Equipment
4803 USD
Rated Pressure: 2MPa Maximum Pressure: 3MPa Features: Removal of residual fire on the ground and protection of fire fighters
Swing Volumetric High Pressure Pump
Firefighting Equipment
14886 USD
New double-chamber structure, more stable and reliable, long-distance and lift water supply sharp tool
All-terrain High-pressure Fire Pump Truck
Firefighting Equipment
23837 USD
It is a four-wheel all-terrain motorcycle as a vehicle, and a eccentric pendulum high-pressure fire pump as a weapon. Product features: strong mobility, small volume, reachable fire field, strong combat capability The maximum lift can reach 400 m, the
Multi-gun Head Fire Fighting System
Firefighting Equipment
1313 USD
It is an excellent partner for eccentric pendulum high-pressure fire pump, the use of pump high pressure, through pressure energy storage, can achieve multi-gun head work at the same time. One pump and multi-guns heads can improve the efficiency of fire fi
Mini Fire Station
Firefighting Equipment
1600 USD
Configuration List: No. Name 1 Fire pump 2 Inlet hose 3 Hose support 4 Fire hose 5 Fire pump support 6 Dry powder fire extinguisher 7 Fire suit (jacket, trousers) 8 Safety helmet 9 Fire shoes 10 Tool box 11 Tank 12 Fire water gun 13 Take-up
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