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Xime Connector Technology is a professional manufacturer of industrial sensor waterproof connectors M5,M8,M9,M12,M16,M23,providing threaded waterproof connectors,m12 connectors,electronic harness design and development,2D 3D design services,MC4 connector cables,M8 connector,M12 adapter splitter cables,push pull connector,solar connector,Medical plugs equipment connector,military equipment waterproof box,car wiring harness,etc.
Company Products
M12 connector
Electronic Products
01 USD, 03 EUR, 08 CNY, 12 TRY, 16 AZN, 20 RUB, 26 UAH
M12 connector and cable can be divided into soldering type, screw terminal type according to the connection methods. According to assembly methods, it can be divided intoassembly type,molding type,panel mounting type. According to encoding mode, it can be
M8 connector
Electronic Products
01 USD, 12 EUR, 07 CNY, 10 TRY, 13 AZN, 17 RUB, 22 UAH
M8 Connectors have the features of waterproof, oil resistance, cold-resistant, stable performance, high efficient and fast connection, it is widely used in photoelectric switch, proximity switch, sensor and all kinds of industrial wiring system. M8 conne
M5 connector
Electronic Products
01 USD, 03 EUR, 07 CNY, 11 TRY, 14 AZN, 16 RUB, 21 UAH
M5 connector - mounted male connector with M5*0.5 thread is equivalent to the equivalent of pentax, Phoenix and Lumburger automation. The waterproof grade reaches IP67, which can be waterproof, dustproof and oil - resistant.
vacuum bipolar RF socket
03 USD, 12 EUR, 21 CNY, 30 TRY, 18 AZN, 23 RUB, 43 UAH
Medical plugs equipment connector ,waterproof vacuum bipolar RF socket and plugthe circular M23 Series is a waterproof connector specifically designed and developed for use in intensive, demanding operational conditions. It ensures operational stability an
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