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Address Baoding, Room A1109, Oriental Pearl Business Center, Yulan Street, Lianchi District, Baoding, Hebei, China
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Baoding Zhongyi Electrical material Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located at the beautiful Baiyangdian Science and Technology Town in Baoding City, with an advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation. Our company covers an area of 30,000 square meters, the building area of 16,000 square meters. The registered capital of the company is RMB 81,000,000. The company mainly produces: oil-immersed power transformers, dry-type transformers, box-type substation, high and low voltage switchgear assembly and a variety of special-type transformers. The hoisting, tooling and testing equipments are complete. Our company has passed the ISO9001-2015 international standard quality management system certification. All performance indicators of the products have reached the relevant national standards and international standards. Our company's products are widely used in different industries, involving power plants, chemicals, construction, mining, metallurgy, rail transportation and so on, best meeting the needs of various users. Baoding Zhongyi Electrical Material Manufacturing Co., Ltd. follows the enterprise purpose of the "details determine the success or failure, integrity casts the future", abides by the business philosophy of the "integrity based, to be innovative ambitious", we’ll always treat our customers warmly and provide qualified products and service to your satisfaction. The oil-immersed power transformers and dry-type transformers have passed the Test Report of the National Supervision and Inspection Center for Energy-saving Product Quality; Complete sets of low voltage switchgear (GGD2) (GCK) has passed the Test Report of China Compulsion Certification (CCC) from the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision for Electrical Products; Indoor AC dray-out type metal clad switchgear KYN28A-12 / 1250-31.5, fixed AC metal-enclosed ring network cabinet XGN15-12 / 1250-31.5 and XGN15 metal-enclosed switchgears have passed the Test Report of the National Quality Supervision and Inspection center for High-voltage Electrical Appliances Product .
Company Products
ZS Series Rectifier Transformer
ZS Series Rectifier Transformer,oil immersed power transformer,high quality oil transformer,oil immersed power thransformer Oil Immersed Transformer Rectifier transformers are widely used in electrolytic electrochemistry, transmission, traction, electrosta
Sealed Amorphous Alloy Power Transformer
S(B)H15-M Series Sealed Amorphous Alloy Power Transformer,oil immersed transformer,oil immersed power transformer,oil distribution power transformer Oil Immersed Transformer The transformer is completely hermetical oil-immersed type. The principle is the s
S13 series of Three-phase oil Immersed Transformers
S13 series of Three-phase oil Immersed Transformers,three phase transformer,three phase variable transformer,3 phase transformer,three phase power transformer,3 phase step down transformer Oil Immersed Transformer Model and Meaning Model No. Rated Capacity
S11 Series 6kV-35kV power Transformer
S11 Series 6kV-35kV power Transformer With Off Circuit Tap Changer,power oill transformer,high voltage step up transformer,distribution transformer The products implement the National Standard GB1094-2013 Power Transformer and GB / T6451-2015 Three-phase O
Non-encapsulated H-class Dry-type Power Transformers
SG (B) 10 series Non-encapsulated H-class Dry-type Power Transformers,Dry type Power Transformers,hermetically sealed transformers,dry type transformer Dry Type Transformer Product Description SG (B) 10 series of non-encapsulated H-class dry-type power tra
Resin-insulated Dry Type Transformer
SC(B)10 Series Resin-insulated Dry Type Transformer,cast resin transformer,dry-type transformer,cast resin dry transformer,step up dry transformer Dry Type Transformer Flame retardant, non-pollution, it can be installed directly in the load center. Mainten
ZBW Type Prefabricated Substation
ZBW Type Prefabricated Substation,mobile transformer substation,distribution transformer substation,power substation transformer ZBW Type Prefabricated Substation ZBW packaged substation, also known as prefabricated substation. It meet GB17467-1998 “high a
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