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Company Products
automatic garlic planter
Other Manufacturing & Processing Machinery
300 USD
1. Suitable for different soil area: Hill Area,Terrace Fields, Mountainous Area, Greenhouse and Garden. 2. High Precision seed-metering device. Save seeds. 3. Save labor cost and time,  Save money. We are a professional and trustworthy supplier.  Different
planting soybeans with corn planter
Food Processing Machinery
400 USD Product Description 1. Towed by 4-wheel tractor. 2. Could finish ridging, sowing, fertilizing, spray insecticide, mulching in one pass. 3. Working depth, row spacing and planting distance can be adjust ac
potato planter manufacturers
Food Processing Machinery
200 USD
Our vegetable planter machine has the characteristics as following: The potato planter is designed according to the foreign advanced technology, it matches with four-wheel tractor and combine ditch, manure, sowing, casing soil, complete manure and sowing s
precision vegetable planters
Food Processing Machinery
399 USD furrow, sowing, overburden, and matrix pressure. 2.equipped with power seeder, suitable for large area operation. 3. small seed intensive planting effect is the best. 4. easy to operate and easy to turn. 5. special materials are used to make sowing
soilmaster wheat planter
Food Processing Machinery
299 USD
The utility model relates to a multifunctional wheat fertilizing and seeding machine, which is suitable for the cultivation of a 15-100 horsepower tractor, and is suitable for fertilizing and seeding corn in plain and hilly areas.
onion planter machine in China
Food Processing Machinery
599 USD
1) ditching, sowing, covering soil, and pressing shall be completed at one time 2) with its own power seeder, suitable for large area of operation, can be sown on the ridge 3) small-seed intensive planting has a good effect 4) easy operation and dexterous
corn planter liquid fertilizer kit
Food Processing Machinery
499 USD
High precise seeds clearance, evenly sowing stable, seeds saving and less thin out seeding, Adopts "zero speed", equal potential energy, low position feeding sturdy, seeding spacing is even, Mainly for sowing corn, can also sowing bean\cotton seeds\peanut
reaper and binder combine harvester
Glass Processing Machinery
799 USD
Square baler for picking up and bundle wheat straw, rice straw, grass, and alfalfa etc. This machine can work in farm and pasture, it also can adjust the length and density depend on the requires of the raw material.The whole working program is successive,
mini round baler and wrapper Manufacturer
Machine Tool Parts
799 USD
The hay baler machine/straw bundling machine is widely used in agriculture and animal husbandry. It can collect and bundle green grass, straw, wheat stalk, corn stalk, wheat/ rice straw, grass, corn straw, pasture straw bale, etc.
new holland round hay baler
Glass Processing Machinery
568 USD
The hay baler machine is composed of pick-up part, compress rolls, sprocket transmission mechanism, a rope box, a lead rope rod, an early warning device, hydraulic control mechanism and three point linkage etc. It can move and work with a 25-50 HP tractor
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