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TMT FOODS IMPORT EXPORT JOINT STOCK COMPANY is one the most prestigious brand in Vietnam of supplying and exporting Agricultural products. With a deep knowledge by family traditionand solid experiences in Agricultural business, we have been managing the best supply chain from growing raw material, harvest, packing to delivering complete products to customers with the best quality and the most reasonable cost.
Company Products
Highest Quality Dragon Fruit From Vietnam
Other Fruit
500 USD
Dragon fruit is a deicious fruit which is considered a tropical "superfood" because of its wealth of benefits. Dragon fruit can be eaten raw, cooked or jam.
Lowest Price Seedless Lime from Vietnam
Other Fresh Vegetables
200 USD
Lime is a good source of vitamin C in abundance. Fresh seedless lime in Vietnam is very high quality and competitive price.TMT FOODS JSC provides seedless lime in bulk, goods export standards ensure no residues of plant protection products
Best Quality Cavendish Banana From Vietnam
900 USD
Banana is one of main exported fruit of Vietnam in general and TMT FOODS in particular. In recent years, Vietnam step by step invest in technology with Philiphin become one of Asia’s largest exporter of banana.
The most stable output of Dragon Fruit from Vietnam
Other Fruit
700 USD
Dragon Fruit has a number of health benefits including its ability to lower cholesterol, boost the immune system, prevent cancer and heart disease, aid weight loss. Dragon Fruit is one of the most popular fruits are planted in Vietnam.
Fresh Cavendish Banana Ready Export Everyday
Other Fruit
700 USD
Specification of Fresh Cavendish Banana 1. Color: Green 2. Taste: Soft-sweet and nice smell 3. Length : 17 cm up 4. Diameter: 3-4 cm 5. Packing : 13,5kgs/carton, 1540 cartons/cont40’RF or as buyer’s request 6. Selected: Carefully, cleaned, no scratched
The Best Seller Fresh Seedless Lime
Other Fruit
200 USD
We are TMT FOODS IMPORT EXPORT JOINT STOCK COMPANY. We are from Vietnam supplying fresh fruits to all markets in the world. Seedless Lime is our best seller.
High Standard Dragon Fruit From Vietnam
Other Fresh Vegetables
700 USD
We are looking for import partner in worldwide with the best incencives. Fresh Dragon Fruit From Vietnam - best quality - best price - stable output. please contact me for more details.
Best Standard Fresh Seedless Lime Originating From Vietnam
Other Fresh Vegetables
03 USD
Are you looking for a stable supply of LIME with the best price in the market? Are you looking for a long-term business partner? TMT FOODS JSC is a great choice for you now. Don't hesitate to contact us to get a quote today!
The Stable Quantity of Fresh Cavendish Banana From Vietnam
Other Fruit
700 USD
We are TMT Foods JSC. Every week, we export more than 200 tons of Banana originating from VIETNAM to alls market. With the advantage of owning farms, we can minimize intermediate costs. Hopefully, we will become ideal partners of each other in the future.
Best Smell Dragon Fruit From Vietnam Ready To Export
Other Fruit
700 USD
Fresh Dragon Fruit is one of fresh fruits have to mention firstly when talking to Vietnamese tropical fruits. We are available a large quantity of dragon fruit are ready to export. Please freely contact me for more detail and best quote. Thank you!
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