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Company Products
Three color dimming SMD led bulb
LED Bulbs & Tubes
3 Adjustable Color Temperatures/brightness in 1 bulb — 3 Adjustable Color Temperatures/brightness to meet various demands, Warm/Natural/Cold White,can adjust the bulb's color temperature according to your needs and get the comfortable light mood.
Bulkhead Lamp
LED Bulbs & Tubes
With the well-distributed arrangement of LED chips, the LED bulkhead light emits uniform light without light spots.
LED Filament Bulb
LED Bulbs & Tubes
Our filament led bulbs are indistinguishable from traditional incandescent light bulbs with a wire filament inside. The bulb looks like and lights like an incandescent bulb,which perfectly fits the light sockets of hotels, banquet halls etc.
Flood Light SMD led bulb
LED Bulbs & Tubes
It provides super brightness across 120° wide beam angle, perfect light illumination for large area, flexible and bright enough to meet your lighting requirements.
Spiral Filament Led Bulb
LED Bulbs & Tubes
Our new and innovative LED Curved Filament bulbs feature a unique shaped filament that is completely moldable to mimic all styles of nostalgic incandescent
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