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As we are a leading custom patches maker, GS-JJ™ are committed to providing you with the highest quality custom patches and friendly service at factory prices. There are three primary goals in mind for us to create your custom patches using only the finest quality materials and embroidery threads: represent your organization well, provide long life and enhance the appearance of the clothing they are sewn to.
Company Products
Never Nine Custom Patches
Other Gifts & Crafts
The Never Nine Custom Patches is cool, it is mainly composed of dark colors. This size is not big, you can sew it on your hat or your shoes. The never nice don't have specific meaning. You can define it according to your own meaning, leaving you with unlim
Yellow Bus Embroidered Patches
Antique Imitation Crafts
01 USD
Yellow Bus Embroidered Patches with 50% coverage. Description A little yellow frog sat on a yellow car. The little frog stood by the window, stretched out his head and looked out into the distance. He seemed to be thinking about something.
FAST LUBE Custom Patches
Antiques & Collectibles
Please look at the FAST LUBE Custom Patches. It has a peculiar shape. The color matching of this product is also perfect. In addition, this product has some silver thread added. The silver thread will make the entire product look more textured. Some cust
Winter Custom Patches
Antiques & Collectibles
01 USD
Winter is a cold season, but many people like the coming of winter. We can do a lot of interesting things in the winter. One of the most fun things to do is to make a snowman. We can make snowmen, snowball fights, and even roll in the snow. What a fun and
Love Embroidered Patches For Sale
Antiques & Collectibles
01 USD
Love Embroidered Patches For Sale with 100% Cute Shape.High Quality and Best Price.Our Love Embroidered Patches For Sale with Laser Cut Border and Adhesive backing.We offered High-Quality materials and artwork and combined with our rigorous quality control
Starfish Custom Patch Maker
Antiques & Collectibles
01 USD
Starfish Custom Patch Maker each patch measures 3 inches wide(measured from the widest point) by 3 inches tall. Custom Patch Maker attached to garment and is washable, dryable and dry cleanable.
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