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Company Products
Rotary Disk Sorting Machine
48000 USD
Feature: For M5~M16 screws and bolts, under head length less than 80mm Available for 2~4 cameras High speed checking for screws and rivets which can be hung on the metal disc Thoughtful design to secure accepted parts not being mixed with NG parts
Glass Dial Sorting Machine
48000 USD
1.High transparent glass dial. Fit for grease-free parts which can be placed on the glass plate steadily 2.Able to place camera under glass to inspect dimensions, features and defects
Rotary Disk Sorting Machine for Long Screws
50000 USD
Sorting items: • Screw-head height, width • Recess depth • Pinhole Excess Material • Ineffective thread length • Minor Thread Diameter • Feature Angle • Major Thread Diameter • Pitch • Pinhole Alignment • Head Crack • AF/AC
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